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Speakout 10/19

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why aren't the Democrats running on their true platform? Here's what Democrats stand for, and what they've done for American Culture. 1. Partial 1. Partial birth abortion; 2. Art programs featuring jars of urine; 3. Military recruiters kicked off campuses; 4. Destroying military moral, gutting funding and policies for protection, while claiming to support the troops; 5. American "Civil Rights" afforded to foreign throat cutting terrorists; 6. Needle exchanges; 7. Race based redistricting; 8. Race based college admission; 9. Affirmative action hiring quotas; 10. Frivolous lawsuits; 11. Union thugs holding business hostage; 12. Artificially inflated minimum wages deceiving workers and destroying small business; 13. Automatic voter registration for illegal aliens and the indigent; 14. Short sentences for child rapists while creating false scandals to discredit and destroy their opponents; 15. Removing Christianity from everything in public, state related or not 16. Abolishment of the death penalty for the most dangerous murderers among us; 17. Gay marriage preference mandated by left wing courts; 18. Adoption by gay couples mandated by left wing courts; 19."Re-Writing" the constitution by left wing courts; 20. Socialist Hillary / Health Care; 21. Income redistribution (Marxist Socialism); 22. Disarming law abiding citizens making them easier targets for criminals; 23. Appeasing terrorists, aiding and abetting our throat-cutting enemies; 24. Letting the UN and France bent on destroying the United States dictate foreign policy; 25. Using the military as a "Global Meals On Wheels" for Africans, while the UN protects African genocide; 26. Automatic tenure for demented Socialist-Marxist professors and teachers.

I grew up on a farm out in the sticks during the 50's and 60's and we didn't have as many power outages as I now experience living and working here in Sikeston. Every time a wind the size of a gnat fart blows, or it rains as much as a heavy dew, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all, my neighborhood loses power, any my neighborhood is usually the last to get it back. Executives of the BMU have told me that their equipment in the area I live and work in, which is north of Tanner Street and east of Kingshighway, is old and subject to more failures. Well excuse me! Am I not worthy of dependable service just because I live in a house which was built before they were born? Maybe the BMU should upgrade their systems which serve their existing clients before extending new service any farther. Maybe they should stop transferring so much of their reserve capital to the City's projects and use it for system upgrades. That is a simple and time tested principle of business. You don't expand beyond your ability to maintain the assets you already have. These constant, although relatively short, interruptions in service are wreaking havoc on my telephone systems and computers and I don't like to have to reset every clock and electronic device in my home and office everyday.

We contacted Ed Throop, general manager of BMU. He said the problem is being worked on as we speak.

This is to everyone who is griping about the Cotton Carnival's wristband prices. I agree! They are outrageous anymore; and they want to know why it sucks so bad! Duh! Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. There is a bigger carnival though, however, just north of here. They call it the SEMO District Fair! I've gone to the Cotton Carnival here in Sikeston, ever since I was 3 year old ( I'm over 30 now) and year after year, they keep changing it. After so many times of changing it, well there's just not much sense or purpose in having it anymore. All they do there is charge you five bucks for a funnel cake, three bucks for a drink, and not to mention either a buck a ticket for a ride, which most rides take 4 tickets now. Or you can pay the 15 bucks for a wristband and ride what rides they have. Whoever's on the Cotton Carnival committee here might want to rethink next year's activities and rides and prices, or deal with the town losing money.

To Darren Steelman, Mr. McCord and the entire marching band. I am very impressed with the Sikeston Band. I thought you guys looked and sounded good at Charleston. Be very proud of your accomplishments. There is great deal of work and dedication in marching. I am very proud of the band. The new uniforms are great. Number one in my book. Sincerely, One Proud Parent.