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SpeakOut 5/21

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

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Can you believe grown adults have to actually have a fight over a parking space at Wal-Mart? This is to the fat, lazy lady who wanted me to back my car up into the main lane so she could have a parking space three places behind her. It is so sad that a mother, trying to teach her daughter how to drive, has to trade places with her 15-year-old so that she can have the cussing match with the fat lady who is too lazy to walk. We didn't even want the parking space. We were on our way out of the parking lot. By the way, you can burn some of those extra calories by taking a parking space farther from the building.

One thing you can all benefit by is trying to take care of your neighbors, your family and yourself. It would be a nice thing if everybody could do that. We could do that here in Sikeston, couldn't we? Why can't we?

To the people in Sikeston who did not help the police resolve the matter of my sister's murder, to the young lady, I hope you suffer all your life by not doing it. I feel you should have told the police the truth and to the ones who murdered her, I hope you have rotten lives. You shouldn't have done it. My sister was the young black girl who was found in Matthews.

Whoever the person is who is talking about President Bush coming in on a carrier that has been out for a long time with those precious young men and women on there, what if you had a son, daughter or grandson or granddaughter, husband or anyone on there, how would they feel if you talked to them about our President like you have in the Standard Democrat? God bless President Bush and God bless America!

Mr. Jensen, I agree with you about Kmart. I used to go in there only if I had to and was in a hurry. You could never get them to help you. You could never find anyone to help you and even the manager would never smile, much less have a cashier smile at you. I really hated going in there and I hated the fact that so many people lost their jobs. But Wal-Mart, friendliness is No. 1, compared to Kmart.

I happen to agree with Mike about the Kmart store. Half the time they didn't have the items that were advertised in their circular and a lot of their employees were unfriendly. Way to go, Mike, for writing the truth. I wish Bill Green would look into getting a Target store here. I think it would be a really good store to have in Sikeston. It's similar to Wal-Mart but also carries a lot of nice quality special gift-type stuff. So let's bring a Target here.