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SpeakOut 5/23

Friday, May 23, 2003

Call 471-6636

This call is in response to the person interested in the World War II bombers that were purchased by students in Sikeston. The U.S. Air Force 55th Fighter Squadron recently held a reunion in Omaha, Neb., and some of the people there may be able to help you. If you can find out what the numbers were on the tail of the planes, they may be able to find the information you are seeking. You can call me at (573) 472-1380.

It wasn't Doug Friend's idea to clean the city buildings, to have the employees do it. It was the employees' idea.

I called in earlier about the casino Mr. Smith is wanting to put in at Mississippi County. To you church people, you need to put on a campaign against keeping Mr. Smith and putting this casino in. We have too many casinos. Organized crime took over a casino a couple of weeks ago and brainwashed the mayor and a whole bunch of them and made them agree to build some casinos in Chicago. They're just raking it in right and left and the stupid American people, politicians and stuff are just going ha-ha-ha, it's a big thing. It's one of the worst things that could happen to the American people. It drains the average working person real slow and makes more poor people than anything else in this world could. This is about as plain as I can make it.

I just want to take a second and say kudos, hat's off to the owner of the Factory Outlet Stores for bringing a VF Factory Store and a Kay-Bee Store to the Outlet Stores. How about a tool store, a children's store (like Osh-Kosh) and perhaps a Pfaltzgraff outlet? Any chance of that happening?

Who do I need to see about getting my road graded south of Seventh Street? Maybe a member of the City Council could go by and see it. There's a big mud hole in front of my house.

I'm calling about the city streets in Sikeston. I wish we could do something about them. The potholes are unbelievable. I live on North Ingram and these potholes are unbelievable. Are we going to get any new streets this year? The put new streets on Salcedo Road where people haven't lived for years. We need some new streets here now, where people are living. And if you need some help, I'm looking for a job.

You can call Tommy Bridger at City Hall, 471-2512.