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SpeakOut 5/22

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Call 471-6636

To the person who said Kmart had the rudest people and were nasty. I used to work at Kmart and we were not nasty and we were not the rudest people. I've seen worse. They're probably just mad because they didn't get their way when they couldn't get a refund or exchange on a 2-year-old shirt or other item.

I am also disappointed in the Sikeston baseball fund-raiser. The coupons they gave out, you can't even use half of them in the Sikeston area. You either have to go to Cape or outside the Cape Girardeau area. Also, I don't think it's right that they have asked the children and their parents to sell at least $50 worth, and if they didn't sell $50 worth, the parents were expected to pay it. A lot of the parents can't afford $50; some have two or three children playing baseball. How are they supposed to fork out $100 or $150 plus the $30 initiation fee, then the bats, gloves and everything else? I agree they need to please go back to the Burger King or Sonic dollars.

I have put in several calls about a new service in Sikeston. I do not understand why it hasn't been in the paper. Do you think it's not good enough? Or do you think the person who calls in doesn't have enough money.

Sorry caller. You will notice that we did not say the kind of business you are referring to. The Standard Democrat is bound by law not to publish certain types of information. The comment you called in could result in prosecution of the newspaper for libel.

Where are the ABC ladies? They gave us the best restaurant, the best food and everything and took it away. Then they gave us the neatest store where we could buy anything and everything. Now they're gone from there. Where are you at and when are you coming back? We miss you.

I would like to know where the woman lives who is so guarded. They need to check out Coleman Street. Coleman has had two meth labs and one raid and they're dealing drugs in these three streets.

A lady comes into a fast-food restaurant every morning and orders coffee. After she drinks her coffee, she refills her cup with soda. Shame on you. That is stealing.

Does anyone in Sikeston know of a Big Brother/Big Sister organization? If so, please put the information in SpeakOut.

I would like to urge the Sikeston Little League coaches to call in their scores on a timely basis and I wish the League would urge the coaches to do so, too. I think every child who gets a hit should be listed in the write-up. Whether it's single or home run, I think the child deserves recognition. After all, doesn't every hit count? It's a shame when the coaches only list the children who get a hit every time they come up to bat and/or their own. My children love to see their names in the paper and I think it helps build self-esteem. Please take notes.

I was reading in the May 15 SpeakOut where someone asked if someone in the area does ironing. I do ironing. Call me at my cell number, 934-6168.