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Speakout 11/19

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I am concerned about our Sikeston car buyers. You must be made aware of the used car you purchased. I went to a Sikeston used car dealer and was almost ripped off. I called Jefferson City and was told that I have 60 days to return a no-good vehicle. So, please, be aware of this. This SpeakOut was published in the Nov. 17 Standard Democrat. The caller had supplied SpeakOut with information about having 60 days in which to return a "no-good" vehicle along with a telephone number to call. This caller was misinformed and the telephone number was incorrect. We called Attorney General Jay Nixon's office to get the correct information and here is what we learned: "Missouri does not have specific laws about buying used vehicles. The lemon law is for new vehicles only and in Missouri, when buying a used car it is up to the buyer to be sure the car is in good mechanical condition because used cars are sold "as is" unless a warranty is offered. The Attorney General's office has a complaint hotline at (800) 392-8222, however, there is generally little the attorney general can do about used vehicles."

In response to "There oughtta be a law" about driving behind a tractor that didn't have a reflector sign on the buggy, boy, you were in a hurry. Huh? You were probably in a big hurry, you big geek.

I attended the Veterans Ceremony Nov. 11 at Kelly High School. It was great and the students went out of their way to make you glad you came. It's great to see our younger generation show so much respect for the veterans and their wives. The student body, the band, the singers, taps, plaque and of course the coffee and doughnuts for the program. Thank you students and staff. You made our veterans feel proud. God bless you. You did a great job.

I read Mr. Jensen's editorial on the man who raped his 2-year-old daughter. Doesn't he know that money talks and murderers and rapists walk? Look at O.J. Simpson. He's a murderer and still walking around the golf course smirking and boasting and bragging about what he has done. The next two guilty ones who will walk free are Robert Blake and Kobe Bryant. They're both as guilty as sin but they will walk because money will talk.

I watched Ted Kennedy on TV the other night and decided the best thing would be for him to be hung by the heels and his throat cut for the way he talked to a would-be judge, the nicest lady who ever walked. He left that woman in water for 18 hours before calling for help. A normal citizen would be in the pen for life for what he did. He got off scot-free because of his money.

Someone just told me that United Way is a contributor to the American Civil Liberties Union. Does anybody know if that is true?

Isn't it strange how people get run out of one place and wind up hiding in these little towns because of some kind of thing they did somewhere else, and they hide in these little towns thinking nobody will find out where they are?