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Speakout 8/3

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

On July 9 an accident occurred in front of the Quick Chek, between 5 and 5:

15 p.m. A white van parked in front of the ice machine backed into a black car in line for gas. Unfortunately the police weren't called due to a private property policy of the store. If anyone saw this accident, please call 472-2631 as the insurance company won't pay without a witness besides the drivers. Thank you. Word of advice: Call the police no matter how minor the accident seems to be.

Has anybody out there got any burn barrels for sale? I need four trash barrels. Leave your number in Speakout and I will call you.

I have a comment on the anti-war. My comment is the war in Iraq is not stupid. And let me tell you what is unnecessary, and that is all those people who died in the Trade Center and the Pentagon and those innocent babies in those day cares that were in those buildings. They never got a chance to live their lives. And when it should have been people like you who apparently can't remember what it was like to watch those planes crash and those towers fall and those thousands of people who died for no reason.

It is not just Garden of Memories that needs cleaning up, it is Memorial Park too. You probably won't print this name, but anyway the guy that has both cemeteries is Randy Davis and his office is in North Little Rock, Ark. And I know you won't print this phone number, (501) 753-3930. That is his office number and the cell phone number is (501) 309-4755. Give him a call. I'm going to. My husband is buried out there and I can't even see the marker.

Randal Davis is actually this area's supervisor for the holding company that owns the cemeteries, Mike W. Graham and Associates of Houston, Texas. And yes, those are his phone numbers. To get results, however, we recommend calling the Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-8222 and the Office of Endowed Care Cemeteries at 573-751


I've suffered through three stories now about Scott County's Web site and your reporters have yet to publish the Web site address. What is the Web site address? Perhaps the Web site would get more hits if you would publish the address in your stories.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, although we regret the stories cause you suffering. The site's address is www.scottcountymo.com.

Vanduser venting

I would like to make a comment on the city of Vanduser. First of all, I want to commend the city on trying to clean up the town, Lord knows it needs it. But before the town points it fingers at anyone, they should take a look at the town's property: city hall, the park, the water plant and the fire station. Usually these properties only get mowed once every two to three weeks. They look like weed pastures before they get mowed. It looks like a hay pasture after they are mowed. It wouldn't kill anyone to use a weed eater or weed spray so the weeds aren't growing up knee high around buildings, poles, fire hydrants, anything else they might have on the property. Even some of the city council member's property doesn't look any better. Weeds growing up around everything and yards unkept, weeds in ditches waist high. It looks like they don't care any more about their property than the people they are complaining about. So come on Vanduser. Set a good example and show everyone how a well kept place should look and let's start with the town's property.