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Speakout - 6/2

Sunday, June 2, 2002

I'm calling in about the Crime Victims Fund. You're always reading in the paper where they take so much and put it in the Crime Victims Fund. But I have never known anyone who received any money for being a crime victim. Where does the money go? I see where they had their party in Charleston the other day. That's real nice, but who gets the money the court has been collecting for all these years? I know my sister-in-law lost her husband. He was a victim of crime; he was murdered. Even though her daughter had leukemia, nobody ever gave them anything for being a victim of crime. I'd just like to know where that money goes. Can you find out for me?

See today's front page story.

Hey Standard Democrat, I'd like to see if you can find out why the city is out with its patching truck, patching holes in the mall parking lot by the Fisherman's Net sign.

According to Sikeston Director of Public Works Tom Bridger, "As part of the drainage and intersection project that was completed at Kingshighway and Murray Lane, the Fisherman's Net sign had to be relocated. This required additional trenching and a new electrical wire to be buried. As weather permitted, city crews did repair a trench where the electrical wire was trenched in. This was a portion of the whole project."

I think it's time to quit bashing Kmart. Sikeston is losing another business and there's no reason to rub salt in the wound. A major majority of Sikeston is very saddened by their closing and are going to miss them. As for the comments of the price mark-ups, that's hogwash. For years I've shopped at Kmart and they've always beaten or met competitors' prices. They've had this in their ads and on signs in the store. They've got a great group of employees and I, for one, feel I'm losing a lot of friends. I think we should all try to make our Kmart's last few days as painless as possible and quit running them down. Good luck, Kmart employees. We're going to miss you.

About "Ex-Pres not off the hook," I think it's silly for a person to attribute such power to one man, and that's all he is, is a man. They all do their best - some of them are better than others - but to think someone is that intelligent that he could what some say Clinton did, and the fact they say he lied and he messed up and all this, but yet, they're giving him so much - he must be something else, mustn't he?

I wonder if we have a dog catcher in this town. Down here on the east end, in the 900 block of Stanford Street, there's a little black and white dog that runs around. He was chasing a little boy today. I called to see if they could come do something about it and the person I talked to with the City of Sikeston got smart about it. I'm going to report you, sister.