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SpeakOut 11/15

Friday, November 15, 2002

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After reading all the talk about the so called "Farmers on Welfare" here's a site they can go to and see all the farmers in Missouri and how much the government subsidizes them. The Internet address to learn more is http://www.ewg.org/farm/state.php?fips=2...

I was in a department store the other day. I could not believe what I heard. I was looking at sweatshirts with patriotic designs. Two ladies walked up and said, "Oh, they have all that USA stuff on them." I say, love it or leave it!

It is a great day for Missouri when $5 million can't buy an election and can't turn a bad idea into a good one. When the voters of Missouri were provided with the truth and facts surrounding Proposition A's tax increase of 324 percent, they made the right choice. This measure would have been one of the largest tax increases in Missouri history and the voters have spoken.

Congratulations, Republicans. You're in the House and you're in charge. Now you have to start turning off all the water for the people in Charleston. So get ready. You thought it was just going to be for the poor black folks, but you're going to be for the poor white folks as well. Don't get laid off because it's going to be your water bill the next time. And you beautiful white mothers who have little children that you love so dearly, you Republicans, get ready. Because your children are going to war.

With the power that they have now, the Republicans can finally end welfare, disability and all those Democrat programs that honest, decent and hard working Americans have been complaining about for years. Let's roll!

I see where the voters in Missouri got smart and elected Jim Talent and the airhead with no brains, who shouldn't have gotten the job in the first place, got beat. Thank God for that.

To all the people in Missouri who voted "no" on the cigarette tax, thank you. I smoke and I don't bother anybody. I really do appreciate it.

The reason Democrats didn't fight in this election is that their saving their ammunition for 2004 - the economy and the war. Since taxes on the rich have been reduced so drastically, it put Social Security in jeopardy like it has never been before. This administration will be great for the rich but hell for the middle class and poor. And they got the votes to do it.

I read in SpeakOut where someone had stopped in a local business to buy something, some people were outside duking it out. This doesn't surprise me at Morehouse. I live in Morehouse and there is very little class in this town and very little morals either.

Does being on the no-call list include calls from political candidates too? Our phone was bombarded with calls the weekend before the election.

Why can residents of East Prairie and Charleston not burn limbs when they said it is not acceptable by the Department of Natural Resources, but the farmers can burn their wheat fields and everything else and pollute the air? How come the cities cannot burn limbs? People in town can burn limbs and people in the country can, but we inside the city limits cannot. It says right here in the paper, "It is not acceptable," but I want you to tell me why the farmers have the right to burn their fields then, when we taxpayers have to go out and buy a limb shredder. That is outrageous and discrimination when we have to spend our tax money but the farmers can burn their fields. Find out why the Natural Resources people cannot stop the farmers from burning their damned fields.