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Speakout 4/15

Friday, April 15, 2005

This is in response to the Speakout, "Get a job." Obviously this gentleman or whoever it is, doesn't work with handicap or disabled people. Because most of the people I know that are in wheelchairs are there for a reason. They need help standing, they need help getting into the chair. The person doesn't know all the facts and obviously, neither do I. But I mean, what if that person needs a port-o-potty or things like that. You need to find out all the facts before you criticize. There are lots of people walking around out there on drugs that don't have jobs. Why pick on man who is in a wheelchair, a paraplegic who can't use his arms, can't use his legs. For what kind of job? Are you going to take this man? Ask the church, ask a friend, that is a lot of responsibility. Most people don't even come to see you when you are sick plus have to help that person. I know for a fact because I work with the disabled. You can't get family or friends or churches to help you. Why? Because they don't want to get involved. It is too much trouble.

Prison isn't easy, there is one word for that. Maybe two. Stay out.

- - -

I would like to comment on the person whose view was based strictly on facts about prisoners. I work at a prison. I see the prisoners get their recreation every two days which includes weight lifting, handball, basketball, horseshoes, softball and football. I see the taxpayers rant because they get movies every weekend and on holidays - current movies. They have cable television, which receives all channels. And they have their own personal store inside the institution in which people send them money and work hard for the money so they can support them while they do absolutely no work except for maybe food service in the prison system. The person who said they are speaking on facts, obviously has never been in an institution and seen how the convicted felons are treated with kid gloves. They can sue each time they want to without paying for any legal fees. They can go to medical and receive anything free of charge since they are convicted felons. Whereas a working person has to work and pay taxes and hope they have insurance that will cover them if they go to the hospital. Ninety percent of the people don't have individuals putting money in their checking accounts so they can go to the grocery store - they have to work to go to the grocery store. So the person speaking on the facts, come work in a prison then you will know the facts.

I am a concerned citizen of Matthews, Missouri. The recent elections got my attention. If the city is making so much money off the taxes from the truck stops then why are our streets not paved instead of using chip and seal which is more chips than sealed. Just where are the taxes being used? This town has never looked worse with the junk we allow in everyone's yard. Livestock in the city limits and dog problems. Low rent trailers that attract white trash and drug heads.

After reading the Wednesday, April 6, Sp