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West Hollywood is a pet's best friend

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Let's face it - God has to have a sense of humor. Otherwise how could you explain the silliness that afflicts humanity? Case in point - West Hollywood, California.

West Hollywood's city council has banned cosmetic surgery for pets. Having said that, I'm at a loss to fully explain how seemingly intelligent men and women can find themselves in such a position. But then again, West Hollywood also has banned the term "pet owner" for the more politically-correct "pet guardian." That tells you a bit about the way of things in West Hollywood.

Businesses in West Hollywood are required by law to report injuries related to pet grooming within 24 hours. Cats cannot be declawed. Pet grooming firms are required to provide "fresh" water for animals. In short, West Hollywood is the home to animal rights.

It seems that some pet owners in West Hollywood want to fashion their pets in their own image. Thus the rush for cosmetic surgery for animals. But the ever-vigilant city council wants to nip the cosmetic alterations in the bud. So nips and tucks for Fluffy are forbidden.

"We recognize we have an opportunity to provide leadership on public policy," said one city council member. But it makes you wonder if cosmetic surgery is such a pressing item that it requires legislative action. But then again, it is California. Maybe West Hollywood has no issues with streets or crime or trash or a whole host of other concerns that most city councils face. Maybe the top priority in this haven of pet compassion is the care and concern of high-priced animals facing a surgeon's knife.

And you wonder why California is the butt of so many jokes?

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