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SpeakOut 3/27

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call 471-6636

Mr. Editor, Mr. Capitalist Editor, why don't you tell the audience the truth?The big money in this country, I mean the super wealthy, vacated the New York Stock Exchange years ago. This is just a front, taking the little guy for the final ride. Why don't you tell the Americans about the other "out of the media" stock exchanges that require $200 million to be part of it? And it doesn't even operate in this country unless it's maybe working or prisons or some other exploitation of poor people. Take your big money out of this trouble, go ahead. But take yourselves too. We're fed up with you. You're thieves, you're not patriots, you're traitors. It's time for the revolution and it's all in this business philosophy of &*^$ your fellowman, no matter what the results.

You forgot the Trilateral Commission and the black helicopters.

The age of recreational vehicles, namely four-wheelers, mini-bikes and similar means of entertainment meant to bring wholesome pleasure and fun is here to stay. However, there is extreme danger in the unwise use of these vehicles. March 13, my wife and I watched anxiously as two helicopter ambulances took two children to a Memphis, Tenn. hospital because of an overturned four-wheeler that resulted in serious injury. We and others prayed and thankfully these precious children have returned home to fully recover. Parents, families, law enforcement persons and neighborhoods must step forward and provide stronger, wiser and better guidelines for our young people. Together we may find a better way and a brighter tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. Every young life is special and loved.

Shame on you, Mr. Michael Jensen, for not having one speck of green in your paper on St. Patrick's Day paper. May leprechauns pinch you until you turn purple. Wrath upon you from the Irish people. Happy St. Patricks Day.

I'm speaking out about the Innocent until proven guilty comment in the paper. No, you are guilty until you are proven innocent by taking all the money you have, getting a lawyer. You pay the court, pay a little fine even when you're not guilty. They don't care. It's all a money situation. Then when you get probation, you have to pay the probation officer money. Why do we have to do that? The state of Missouri pays the probation officers a wage. Why do people have to give them $20, $30 or $50 every time the go to them when it's not for a fine or anything? Is this legal?

I was just wondering why Max, the dancer on Dancing with the Stars is not on this season. If you could answer me I would appreciate it.

According to TV Guide, Maksim Chmerkovskiy said he wouldn't be returning for Season 6 in March. "The 25 million viewers are going to remember me whether I'm there or not," says Chmerkovskiy, who hopes to return to professional ballroom competition and was busy over the holidays choreographing a New Year's Eve show at the Wynn Las Vegas.

This is to the city of East Prairie. You need to fix the chuckholes in the streets, not a new tax. You don't want new industry and businesses in East Prairie. Yet, you want a tax for a street not used, been closed for a month. Fix the chuckholes instead.

It is very rude and illegal to dump your old tires in my yard. Now what am I supposed to do with them? You should be glad I didn't see you because I would call the cops quick. You can clearly see they don't match my car, so I would appreciate it if you came and got them out of my yard. My yard may not be the cleanest but it darn sure don't need tires in it to make it worse. Get yourself some manners!

To the person looking for boat repair, Ace Motor Boat Repair might be able to help you. I am not for sure if they make fiberglass repair, but they always did a wonderful job with fixing our boat when we had it. It's a start. If they don't, they may be able to give you the name of someone who does. Their number is 472-6136.

- - -

To the person looking for someone to work on a fiberglass boat, there may be others, but there's one in Charleston, Heppe's Body Shop. He does a really good job. The number is 683-6200.