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Speakout 12/15

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am calling about the person who called in "Comparing notes" in the Dec. 8 paper about George Bush flying to Iraq to campaign. Yeah, he may have flown over there to campaign, but I would rather pay my tax-paying expenses to someone who is going over there to campaign than on someone who believes in partial-birth abortion and someone who does not have any morals to them.

I cannot believe that someone would have the nerve to criticize the people who allowed Sikeston to come into their homes for the Holiday Home Tour. It takes a great amount of time in planning, regardless of the amount of decorations displayed in one's home. Whoever had the nerve to call into SpeakOut complaining that the homes were not decorated very much should be the very first person on the list for next year and they can enjoy cleaning their homes before and after more than 300 people come and look in their home.

I was wondering if the disappointed tourist who was complaining about the Christmas Home Tour realized that some of the people participating in that have small children. In fact, I think half of them had small children and they go to a great deal of trouble. One family even moved out of their home for awhile to prepare for all the people coming through. Their graciousness was not even rewarded by that particular individual who doesn't seem to have much in the way of Christmas spirit. It is a lot of work for people who volunteer to do the Christmas Home Tour and I also saw all of the homes. I thought they were all just beautiful. I hope it continues as a tradition in Sikeston, Charleston and Cape Girardeau. Anyone who finds fault with it needs to try to undertake something like that themselves. Then they may know a lot more about what they are talking about.

Well, they are talking about changing Social Security. What in the world does this man think he's doing? If he hadn't stolen it all when he came into office, we wouldn't have any problem. Where is he coming from? What rock did he crawl out from under?

This is to the couple who said they will be spending Christmas alone. You are not alone. You are more than welcome to spend Christmas at my home with my children and me. I live in Sikeston and if you need a ride, put your phone number in SpeakOut and I will call you. Remember, you are never alone. As long as I have a home and an open heart, I will welcome you, and Jesus will always welcome you.

Sorry, caller, SpeakOut is not at liberty to print your home address.

This to the mother who will be spending a disappointing holiday by herself with her husband. You said your children do no visit often. Do you visit them often? Do you give of yourselves to them? Maybe that's why they don't give of themselves to you. It sounds like they are selfish, self-centered children. Who raised them that way?