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Speakout 3/10

Sunday, March 10, 2002

The reason Paula Zahn, CNN News and Katie Kirk, NBC News are so against the Democrats is that they get paid $2 to $6 billion a year. So of course they pay great taxes. They are Republicans, hoping they'll pay less taxes under them and they are kinder to wealthy people. That's why they openly dislike Democrats.

I listened to the President talking about taking Social Security money and putting it into stocks and how much money we'd make. I wonder, if he had taken Social Security money and put it into Enron stock, do you know where the Social Security would be today? Just look around and you wouldn't have any. That's what he's talking about - not cutting taxes. Uh-huh, yeah.

We've been seeing Charlie Neese doing advertisements for Blackwell Baldwin. Is he no longer doing the weather out of Nashville? He used to be on Channel 12 in Cape and went to be a meteorologist in Nashville. Can you find out?

Charlie Neese is still doing the weather reporting in Nashville and is also the spokesperson for Blackwell Baldwin.

I thought the state was in serious financial trouble, until I read where St. Louis and Kansas City were seeking $500 million in tax money to build or refurbish game stations. Perhaps that's the answer for school districts where we have to educate them in trailers. Suspend education and send them all to watch the ballgame.

Mr. Woods, you're so engrossed with Democratic thinking that it amazes me that anyone doesn't think of a baby in a womb as being a human being. It's alive and anyone who has an abortion is a murderer.

The real concern of the person who was looking for the ACLU was not mad because the program could be disconnected; it was his concern for having to pay for the programs against his wishes, which is subsidizing a religion.

This is in reply to the "Failing grades" that appeared in the March 3 issue of the Standard Democrat, we too were in the same situation and we lost our grade school. You said the school board promised not to close your grade school because it was too far to transport your kids and you believed this promise, and now they're already busing Parma kids to your school? This is a 30-mile (one way) trip for these kids. Hopefully your city can utilize the empty building you will be left with. Come visit Parma's old high school and see how ours let it fall apart. All our city can do, now that we've purchased the building, is try to maintain the gym and the old grade school. A lot of people here have thought Matthews was not very excited about Parma kids having to attend their school when we had to close our school. We weren't excited about our kids having to be bused but that option is better than the one you're facing now and that is not having a school left. Maybe if the towns with the schools had stuck together when they started the junior high, instead of just worrying about their individual school, we would all still have grade schools.