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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 8/9

Monday, August 9, 2004

There is a restaurant in Sikeston that takes the time to cook food until it is done, but their bacon is only half-done. This sounds trivial, but why is bacon different? It should be crisp from one end to the other.

Have you contacted the restaurant manager?

I find it interesting that in 1991, the Republican Party begged Teresa Kerry to represent them in a run for the Senate seat from Pennsylvania. She declined. Those same people have now launched a smear campaign against her, claiming that she's unfit even to be first lady. Could this be considered - perish the thought - a flip-flop?

When Vietnam veterans were returning from the war, their service was ridiculed, derided and disregarded by cynical elements in our society. Now, 30 years lager, John Kerry, another Vietnam veteran, is having to endure the same abuse by the Republican campaign machine. I can't believe that patriots are allowing this to happen.

This is in response to the July 26 MYOB about the Christian woman who supposedly tore apart a marriage. There is something wrong with the whole scenario, according to the SpeakOut comment. If this marriage was such a wonderful thing, then the spouse who is suffering might want to look at what happened in this marriage. And for a person to be a Christian, maybe there was counseling going on or something. It looks like you don't know both sides of the story and the caller is blasting Christian women and supposedly this Christian woman has torn apart the marriage. Was this woman having an affair with the spouse or what? To say the lowest thing is divorce, the divorce must have been pending or something going on in there for this person to supposedly tear apart a marriage. It's give and take in both directions and a Christian counselor looks at both sides and tries to help settle things. If people are not willing to listen or try to work things out among themselves, then no one, Christian or otherwise, can tear apart a marriage - only the persons involved can tear apart a marriage. No one on the outside can do that.

Where can a person rent a house or apartment if you are a working individual and do not have Section 8 or the government backing you? This is pathetic in this town. You work to make a living, you do not draw federal aid or sit on your butt and act like you can't work. You can have a dozen kids who move in and destroy a place, and when they move out the landlord has to go in and totally remodel the building. That's OK. But you have a small pet and are told nobody wants to rent to you. We people who own small pets keep them in pet taxis or play pens. They're not going to destroy your property. If they do, you'll be able to get your money back. You don't get zilch back on Section 8. So if you want to know why people are moving out of this town, it's because you pay a penalty in this city if you are a working individual. But you can lay up on your butt, refuse to work and get all the help in the world. You can get your electric and gas paid and even get your rent paid and destroy other people's property. Give us a break. We work for a living. We ask for nothing other than a little bit of consideration.

Amen! Amen!

I heard President Bush say in a campaign speech that everybody who pays taxes got a check. Well, my sister, my sister-in-law and I want to know if ours got lost in the mail because we all three pay taxes and didn't get a penny and are just wondering where our checks are.