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Speakout 3/9

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I'm looking for a copy of the song by Rusty Goodman called "More Like Thee." If anybody has a recording, please contact me at (573) 545-4369.

First Sgt. Dan Armour, thank you for bringing our troops home safe. Job well done! Thanks, fellas.

I want to welcome back our troops from overseas. I would like to remind the public it was their duty to serve because they are the ones who volunteered. I won't be showing up with flags or banners. I'm just glad they're back, but also it was their job. Many of us went over there, but many of us had no parades. Many of us did this and that. Some of them may ride on the country's coat tails for 20 years or so because they want a free check and college education, but when it comes to wanting to serve like this, it just showed what they are really made of. I appreciate them.

I didn't get to attend the 1140th coming home today, but I'm glad you guys are back from a good job.

I'm so glad the 1140th is home and everyone returned safe and sound. My heart goes out to each of you because I've been at one of those homecomings with my son at his base. He's now back in Iraq. Don't forget those of us who still have sons and daughters over there fighting.

If the person who tried to snap my dog's collar comes in my yard in Morehouse again trying to snap the dog's collar, I will call have the police watch my house and if you try it again, I will press charges on you.

In response to "Defense is offered" in a Feb. 25 SpeakOut, you and others need to realize that there are good points and bad points to each party. I agree to some of each and I also believe that neither party wants to hurt America, but to disagree with someone is as American as apple pie. McMillen has a right to write what he wants, same as the personal note to him has a right to write. But to tell him to shut up is something the devil would do. Husbands and wives disagree, partners disagree. But we do not disown each other. Because of it, to say it simply, grow up.