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Speakout 2/11

Friday, February 11, 2005

Congratulations on the Jan. 30 article covering the Sikeston/Kelly basketball game. I watched the Kelly boys in the Christmas Tournament and have been following them in the paper and making what games I can. I am wondering, when is someone going to wake up and notice that it was the defense getting them where they are? And when the shooting is on, it is an added benefit. But when it's not, that defense still keeps on working. Keep up the good work, Kelly coach and team. You're both tops in my book and you've been a joy to watch. I'm praying daily that God gives you the faith and devotion to take it all the way to state!

When I see the hard cuts that Blunt is making in services to the children, the poor and the disabled, it makes me wonder: Why don't we cut health benefits and pensions for legislators? I don't know why I have to pay for such things as knee or hip replacement surgeries for my representative when I can't even afford health insurance for my own family.

A bill was offered this week to do just that.

Money talks

Missourians should be proud of our Republican State Senate. They've been hard at work doing the people's business. And one of the very important first steps they've taken has been to abolish the limit on gifts that they can accept from lobbyists. Moneyed interests ply legislators with meals, trips, entertainment and campaign contributions, then expect payback in terms of favorable legislation. The ordinary citizen without a fat wallet is no competition. It's going to be a lot of more fun in Jefferson City now that the Republicans are running the show with their unlimited "gifts."

Responses to view

No, Mr. Greenlee. The loss of one life is too much, but where would we be if we had just sat back over the last 100 years and let the world of evil take over? There would be no world as you live in today. War is a necessary evil, has been since the beginning and will always be. Would you rather be fighting terrorists hand to hand in "your" back yard or on foreign soil?

Well, Mr. Greenlee, it appears that you have no military background, no sons or daughters who have or are serving in the military. If that were the case then you would be privy to the wonderful reports of all the good things that have gone on in both Afghanistan and Iraq, what pride our soldiers have in the part they have or are playing in the rebuilding and freeing unfortunate people from the bondage of a life you would never understand or ever have lived. It is easy to sit back and throw barbs; it is another thing to walk the walk. There were and are WMDs. We were just too vocal and forewarned Saddam Hussein, so they were all moved or hidden before we arrived. As far as political affiliation, I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I vote for the person(s) who I feel are the ones who will do the best job at leading our country. There will always be nay sayers, the ones who benefit from Hussein's regime, but like me, an everyday person, I look at both sides without glasses and see all sides, from what the media tells, politicians, soldiers and people who have lived to tell their story of oppression.