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Speakout 5/14

Friday, May 14, 2004

It has gotten so bad in Charleston that the only solution is that it needs real help. Charleston really needs help in leadership, activities and youth reform -not the same ones in papers for the same things, drugs and gangs. It needs help in finding out why this is always the same - death and jail of a youth. Charleston needs help and justice. Why is it like that and what is the reason?

I keep getting phone calls from people all the time and I'm tired of it. This person called me three times last week, asks for a person with a different name each time (like they don't know they're calling the same number). Then the caller will say they're not selling anything or looking for hand-outs, but they want to know if I want to buy some trash bags. I am on a fixed income and can't afford to spend money like that and I'm tired of the aggravation. What can I do?

This is to Mike Jensen and all his ugly and belligerent Republican friends and what they have said about us great Democrats. There are three ways to help solve this nonsense. First, stop the war that your great president started because of his cowardly dad who shot down and left three men to die (he left them there to die, but he made sure he made it; secondly, execute all the big mouth yellow-back chicken Republicans who are in Congress now (that would help a lot). Third, make all the Republicans who stole the money on this gas and stuff, pay everybody back (even fellow Republicans) with interest. Forget about the tax break we are getting. We can't afford it.

Cut back on the caffeine and get a life.