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Speakout 5/26

Sunday, May 26, 2002

If anyone has seen a gray and white dog around the area of Kathleen or Gladys streets, please leave a number in the paper and I will call you to claim him.

To the person who called about the baseball cards, call me at 481-0777. We had lost some baseball cards and hope these are the ones we're missing.

Please explain the IQ system, the highs and the low.

If you have Internet service, go under search and enter IQ. You will see a very long list of information available concerning the "Intelligence Quotient score." Here is a brief answer to your question from Internet Business Solutions. "A General Intelligence Quotient Score (IQ Score) is a statistically derived number which indicates relative and comparative abilities that can be used to obtain academic skills and knowledge. You have hundreds of specific mental abilities. Some of these abilities can be measured accurately. Some of these measurements can be reliable predictors of an individual's academic achievements. Statistically the following statements are true about IQ scores obtained by taking this test: An IQ of 100 is higher than 50 percent of all persons taking this test; an IQ of 110 is higher than 75 percent; an IQ of 120 is higher than 93 percent; and an IQ of 130 is higher than 98 percent of all persons taking this test. The best reason to know one's IQ score is to obtain an independent observation of one's probable academic potential."

I keep seeing in the paper in the traffic news where people are fined $350 for failure to drive on the right half of the roadway. Like on a four-lane road and you're going to be making a left turn in a couple blocks? Does that not mean you're not supposed to drive on that outside lane? I called the police department and the lady who answered the phone said she did not know and she had a very bad attitude and gave me very smart answers.

You may want to explain your question to someone at the driver's bureau to get the answer you're looking for, since "right half" could have more than one meaning. The Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Agent Office in Sikeston is at 471-3160. They have the driver's license guides explaining driving laws in Missouri.

The person who is looking for Liquid Embroidery can order it from Herrschners. Call (800) 713-1239 for a free catalog.

Where's the dog catcher? It is getting ridiculous down here in the 900 block of Stanford. The dogs are about to take this place over! Get hold of the dog catcher and get your hind-end down here!

Why is it that people can't see the damage they do to a neighborhood when they don't keep their yards mowed and clean? The majority of these people are out running up and down the streets, blaring their music. We don't want to hear your so-called music. Why do you want us to hear that garbage? You can save a lot of money staying home and taking care of your place instead of spending on gas to run the streets. And to top it all off, you probably didn't earn a dime of it legally or you're drawing a government check. Section 8 Housing needs to crack down. If you call them, they play the dumb act on you and never investigate a thing. I think all this should be looked into.