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The Primos Story: Great book, new chapter

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Have you ever started reading a great book that you just couldn't put down? Well that is exactly what the history of Primos Hunting Calls company is like.

The American dream is alive and well in Mississippi, with a 26-year history of how Will Primos' hunting calls started and where Primos Hunting Calls is going.

But this book does not stop at the first, second or even third chapter. A new chapter started in Primos Hunting Calls' history with the groundbreaking in August of 2001 and the open house on July 26, 2002, of Primos Hunting Calls' new facility in Flora, Miss.

The spectacular looking new 43,000-square-foot facility stands in the shadows of the Primos' flag flying proudly and respectfully adjacent to the American flag and rightfully so. It was a privilege and an honor to be able to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event of one individual's American dream coming true.


As I walked onto the front porch of Primos Hunting Calls' new facility, I felt like I was walking onto one of my life long friend's hunting cabin - a rustic wood deck with wooden benches and chairs that wraps around the building. I can just imagine on that front porch, that the friends and family of Will Primos will enjoy the memories of their hunts for many years to come.

When I entered the rustic wooden doors of Primos Hunting Calls' new facility, the feeling that best describes the show room, as I viewed some of the most spectacular mounts in the world, was that it reminded of my own hunts.

This is the same undeniable, TRUE emotion and excitement every hunter gets as he sees a flicker of white, hears that crunching of leaves, or hears that first twig snap. The excitement that only Will Primos can bring to every hunt, and this excitement is automatically transferred to anyone and if you are like me you could not help but smile.


During the open house tour of Primos Hunting Calls' new facility, I really felt welcome, with smiles, laughter and hunting stories around every corner.

The first stop was Will Primos' office. The first thing I saw was a wall full of black and white family photos and memories. This is a reminder of how important family is to hunting and life.

The view from Will Primos' chair is of the wonderful trophies on the wall he has taken. I cannot help but see how Will Primos gets his inspiration each and every day.

As we stop by the new conference room, I was reminded that this is a business, but with a purpose to make something new or better for the hunter. There are dozens of patents on hunting calls hanging proudly in frames on the wall.

Next stop was Jimmy Primos' office. As a hunter, scorer and whitetail deer fanatic, I was in awe of one of the most impressive typical whitetail deer mount I have ever seen hanging on the wall.

As we walk through the new office I can see trophy mounts of every kind, and at every corner something new, which can only help inspire the Primos family and friends/staff to take a break from reality of running a business and remember the hunt that has ended but is not over.

I passed by Primos team bows and equipment for the hunt to come. I am also reminded it is history yet to be written, filmed or experienced, with each pull of the string and release of the arrow. Even though the bows are hanging on the wall in silence, I can still see in the back of my mind that Will Primos' smile for the camera as his excitement of the hunt takes over.

As we walk through the enormous new warehouse, the success of Primos Hunting Calls is shown with inventory setting on racks from wall to ceiling for future customers.

Then we enter the heart of the company, where the calls are made, assembled and packaged, with quality that Primos provides its customers. To learn how calls were assembled and what they are made of was quite a rare privilege.

The final part of the tour shows the pride and respect Will Primos has for his friends/staff and family. A commercial kitchen and break room in which employees can rest in comfort and during special events have an area everyone can enjoy the feast of the day.


As I was leaving, one thing that stuck in my mind as I viewed the display cabinet with the first calls Will Primos ever made and the first tools he ever used to make them. Something that every individual should always do and what I think Will Primos has grasped firmly in his heart and soul: Remember your roots, remember your past and where you came from, while living in the present. This will only make for a stronger future for anyone that remembers this, and will in my opinion write an even greater history which will make for a strong, successful future for Primos Hunting Calls.


During the open house I had the chance to talk with a few people and ask them about this new chapter in Primos Hunting Calls. These are just a few things they had to say.

Will Primos -- President and Founder, said: "In the past we had three locations, we had a main support location, where all the support and order entry personnel were as well as our finished goods and the shipping was stored. Then we had a manufacturing facility and we had another warehouse. We had to move stuff in between those locations. So this will enable us to continue to grow and do a better job of taking care of our customers"

Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland -- Mossy Oak Sr. V.P. of Media Services/Public Relations, said: "I was driving down the highway and I saw the sign it said industrial park, I looked over to the side, and had my wife and I said, "Surely that is not it, looks like a Wal-Mart super center, It's just huge. I told Will, nobody had worked harder than this group of people, they deserve it and it's spectacular."

Jimmy Primos -- Chief Operating Officer and Executive V.P., said: "Were so proud of this building here, this facility here in Flora, Mississippi. We worked and a lot of people have worked real hard over the years to help build this company, and this is kind of the outcome, and we are tickled to death."

Brad Farris -- Vice President TV and Video. said: "Well I started working for Will back in 97, and where we worked was a little tiny office to grow from 25 people to some 92 to 94 some employees, to this facility just really means something to us. We put in a lot of hard work a lot of hours to get to this point, it just means a lot to us."

Duke Turnage - Prostaffer said: "I think it's great Allen, I never got to see the old facility and this one just blows me away, The mounts and all the trophies and some of the old stuff, and some of Wills old stuff, the old camera equipment, stuff that is in glass displays is really neat. It will be a great future for us."


I would like to thank all of the Primos crew for making me feel very welcome throughout the day. But, I would like to put out a special thanks to Duke Turnage, Primos Prostaffer, for inviting and taking me along for the open house and for the great hunting stories we shared. This was without a doubt a once in a lifetime opportunity of being part of the history of hunting and without Duke Turnage's southern generosity I would have missed it. If you would like to see picture just go to www.mosportsmen.com/primos.htm. Hope to see you in the woods or on the water. Horntagger!