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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

SpeakOut 12/10

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Call 471-6636

I am calling about the SpeakOut "Add it up." Someone talked about raising minimum wage up $2 an hour. Things in Sikeston cost the same here as in Cape, gas is $1.30 and is $1.30 in Cape; the cost is the same to have your trash hauled off, a hamburger still costs $5, it costs $5 in Cape. Why can't they give these poor people a raise? The rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poor in this town. I drove a truck for a sanitation company for $5.50 and that was just two years ago. I drove a concrete truck in Sikeston five years ago, which paid $5.50 an hour. I went to work in Cape and now I make $13 an hour. You tell me who is getting richer and who's getting poorer.

In response to "Add it up," living on minimum wage cannot do it. So yes, I agree, minimum wage should go up. Everything else is going up. It costs more to live, it costs more to eat and $5.15 and $5.25 just don't cut it. I'd like to see some of our congressmen and senators live on minimum wage for a month.

People vote from their wallets and pocketbooks. Selfish reasons. To hell with the infrastructure. Cut those taxes, hug that money to your heart. 911 caused some of it but the Republicans made this mess we're in. We'll be lucky if we don't have a depression that lasts 15 years. We need a war like we need the plague - all for oil. We should have changed our cars over to electric or other fuel before we ruin the environment.

My name is George Wilkins. I'm currently looking for members of my late mother's family. I was told that I may have a cousin living in Sikeston. His name is John (although he may be known as Jack) Eubanks. I was told that his family has a farm there. Any information you could give me regarding Mr. Eubanks would be appreciated. My email address is indigo8888idc@netscape.net Thank you.