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The future looks fat for most Americans

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The federal government continues in their quest to make Americans aware of our bad eating habits and lack of exercise. And there's a good reason for that as well. Health care costs are exploding faster than our waistlines. That will translate into a very costly medical bill down the road. So there's logic in the feds trying to improve our health.

To help achieve that goal, the Agriculture Department on Tuesday unveiled a new series of "food pyramids" that provide an easy guide on improved eating habits. But these new pyramids are different from their predecessors. Now we have 12 pyramids tailored to different concerns and lifestyles. Apparently the age-old food pyramids were too hard to understand? Go figure!

Now, instead of a recommended "serving," we have actual measurements for food items. Apparently to some people a "serving' amounted to just how much they could cram into their fat faces at one time. Now we quantify that amount.

But let's be real honest here. Each and everyone of us knows what it takes to maintain good health. Quit kidding yourself. It takes fruits, vegetables, low-

fat products and EXERCISE. Do we actually need 12 different charts to tell us what we already know? Apparently so.

I don't care what size you are or what size you want to be, we all understand that two Big Macs and an order of fries, followed by an hour or two on the couch will not help you achieve your goal. That is unless your goal is to gain weight and die young. If so, you're on the right track.

I don't fault the federal government for trying to educate the public on proper health habits. That's their job in a sense. But when it's all said and done, most people know what they should do to improve their eating habits. Most people unfortunately ignore that information and push enough food into their mouths to feed a third world country.

What irks me is that we taxpayers are and will continue to pay a princely sum to address the health issues involved with this lack of self-control. Statistics show the problem will get much worse before it gets better.

It's actually so bad that some experts feel the next generation will be the first to experience a shorter life span. That is unbelievable. But it's true.

As a nation we are eating ourselves to death. And we shun exercise like the plague. All of the fancy food pyramids in the world will do little to change that. Until we get up off that couch and burn some calories, the future looks fatter.

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