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Speakout 3/10

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I am a Southeast Missouri resident who has many friends in the Sikeston general area. Last week, I did a good friend a favor while in town and picked her young daughter up from a very popular daycare in Sikeston. When I approached the front door, I heard a lot of shouting on the inside. I thought, well it's just kids being kids. But this shouting as it turns out was the teacher shouting at the kids. When I proceeded into the daycare I was appalled at the conditions of the area. It was a terrible mess and it had an odor. I looked around and the kids were running around like wild animals and the teacher was talking on the telephone. I guess my general concern is: Are these daycares that are operated out of homes governed by the same health codes and fire codes as all public businesses, particularly those receiving state funding? I guess more importantly: Do the parents of these children know the conditions, and the neglectful atmosphere that these daycares could possibly dispel? After talking to my friends about my concerns , they are looking into other options. I feel for our children's sake, parents should demand the best from these daycare facilities. The facilities should want to do the best.

There is an organization in our city that is trying with all their might to help unwanted animals, abandoned animals and abused animals. They try to find the animals homes and care for them as long as they can. I have been to the Sikeston Area Humane Society and have seen these precious animals, and I have adopted from the shelter. I want the citizens of Sikeston to know that they should be thankful every day that our city has a place like this organization. Other surrounding towns in our area take animals like these out and shoot them when they are picked up. We have an organization that tries to keep animals off our streets, animals that could be diseased or mean. I cannot imagine what the City of Sikeston and surrounding area would be like if it were not for the animal control and the humane shelter. Thank you with all my heart for what you do and I hope our citizens will support you in any way possible. There will always be those who will find fault and put organizations down. What organization does not have faults or need help? I know for a fact how hard it is to keep down diseases when you have animals dropped off every weekend - some are sick, some are abused and weak. They do everything they can to keep down sickness, but it is impossible to keep them from happening sometimes. Thank you, Sikeston Humane Society, for all you do and are trying to do. It is my wish that the citizens of this town will support you in any way they can.

I would like to express my appreciation to my wonderful kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, relatives and friends for a wonderful surprise birthday part. It was given at the Clinton Building in the Recreation Complex. That is the best place to go for any kind of party or meeting. Thanks to everyone who came (there were some who couldn't come). Love to all, Georgia Davidson.