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Senate just needs to keep their seats

Thursday, June 6, 2002

If the Missouri State Senate spends $148,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars to rearrange the seating on the Senate floor, every single Senator approving the spending should be impeached. But surely there is some fiscal constraints that will convince the Senate body to reject the costly seat shuffle.

In December a major overhaul of the Senate was completed following a $1.8 million renovation project. But now some Senators don't like the seating arrangement and want to revise the seating to the tune of $148,000. In a time of financial concern in Missouri this is about the dumbest suggestion I have heard.

In the waning hours of the recently-completed legislative session, a majority of the Senate voted to rearrange the Senate seats. But this week when the price tag was announced, most of the Senators are backing off of their vote. It seems highly unlikely that the rearrangement will actually take place given the cost of the project. But stranger things have happened.

Retiring Senator John Schneider, a 32-year veteran of the Senate offered the seating change resolution. With few details it probably sounded like a good idea. But when the costs were announced, it doesn't sound nearly as good. Schneider however is still defending his idea.

The Senators wanted to rearrange their seats to allow for the Senators to abide by the "traditions and customs of the Senate." Well if those traditions and customs include spending taxpayer money foolishly, then we need to remember that when election day rolls around.

When the state is cutting programs left and right the last thing we need is to accommodate Senators who don't like their seating arrangements.

Stay in your seats Senators and spend our money where we need it spent.

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