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Friday, July 29, 2016

SpeakOut 6/6

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Call 471-6636

To the person who said we should elect Hillary Clinton as president, she'd be better than what we have in there now. After all, when the Clintons were in the White House, we had money and jobs. Now we have neither. Don't they have brains enough to know where the money and jobs went? They gave that all away while they were in there. Bill Clinton ran around all over the world and gave away everything, moved the jobs out and everything else. That's why we don't have any money now. And Dick Gephardt, there's only one description for him. In SpeakOut you had a definition in there of an ignoramus. That fits him.

Good job, DPS! Hats off to you, Drew. We knew you could do it.

I see school is starting back up Aug. 15 for Sikeston. What in the world is going on with these four Wednesdays where they only go half a day, one in September, November, January and May? Also, I don't understand the spring break in March. Out for a week? We do have Easter, you know. Come on, school board or whoever does the calendar. People do work and this makes it harder on us. Start school later and/or let them out earlier in May. But cut out all this time off during the school year.

What is "Grimace" in the McDonald's commercials? I don't want somebody from McDonald's telling me he's a character or an animal from Grimace Island. Is he a popsicle, is he a glob of gum? Somebody tell me!

The Standard Democrat believes he may be a close relative of the Sesame Street "Cookie Monster."

When someone is arrested, how come you plaster it all over the newspaper, for example, the drug arrest reported in the May 29 newspaper. Wait until a person is convicted, then plaster it. Sometimes (not very often, I'm sure) there are innocent people and they are hurt, their families are hurt, they can't get a fair trial because it's in the newspapers and on television. So how can they get a fair trial? Do not plaster it until they're convicted.

Why isn't the Sikeston Khoury League putting any scores or anything in the paper? I've been looking for them for over a week and there's nothing there. Please let me know.

Advise your coach to call in his results after each game to 471-6980.