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SpeakOut 6/5

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

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I think they should change a few things on Social Security. When you have to retire when you reach 62 years old for one reason or another, because of health or most likely when you get 62 years of age, you lose your job (all jobs are going overseas) and it's not likely that a 62-year-old person could get a job. You should be able to get Medicare. We have to wait three years with no benefits whatsoever. We have to do without medical care because we can't afford it. Then foreigners come into the United States and get Social Security numbers and draw Social Security. Also, they get medical help. When we here in the U.S. have worked all our lives and get nothing, what's wrong with our system?

I would like to SpeakOut about the comment in the May 28 newspaper from the caller who hates poor people and drive SUVs. Let me tell you something. I drive a Lincoln Navigator, I'm poor as hell and if you don't like us poor people, you can go to hell.

I want to SpeakOut about the person driving the SUV. I think it's very rude. Unfortunately, some single mothers can only do better by having food stamps. That's the only way they can make ends meet. And if you think you're so good, then maybe you should live on the other end of the street for awhile and not be able to drive an SUV.

To the person who says they drive a SUV, well let me tell you something, whoever you are. You think you're all rich and high and mighty and talk about people who are on welfare - I'm not on welfare, but I'll tell you this. If you ever hit me or anyone in my family, you would be broke because I would take you for everything you've got. You go ahead and drive the way you want to drive, if you think you're all that big because you've got money. A lot of people have money. But they take time to watch what they're doing when they're driving. You need to consider other people instead of yourself, instead of being an old rich goat. That's all you are, a freaky old rich goat that thinks you're hot to trot because you are in a SUV. I'll have you know, I drive a Lincoln and I also have a Mercedes. If you have something else to say, put it in SpeakOut. But if you think you're hot to trot, when you hit somebody, you won't think you're so hot to trot when you're behind bars.

I work at a local business and if people are going to have these welfare cards, the welfare people need to get a machine for these people to play and teach them how to use them before they come to the store.

Can somebody tell me what happened to Miss Cleo? She was on nearly every station on my television off and on all day. She had a one-hour show by herself and was in every magazine that I got. Every time I picked up a paper, I saw her ads. Now she's not in any magazines, any newspapers or on television. Can somebody kill her or did they deport her out of the country?

Truth in Advertising laws brought an end to Miss Cleo.