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Your View: two views from 7/8

Monday, July 8, 2002

I am surprised how many of your readers call in to Speakout that complain about the Federal government not taking care of them. For the amount of calls and letters by people who idolize the old South (you know who you are) that don't complain of the State not taking care of them. The "War of Northern Aggression" was fought first and most of all for "States Rights."

The Federal government's job is to protect the U.S. from outside aggression (which they are trying to do for the most part) and not to pay Joe American for being born here. Alaska pays their citizens for living there, GO THERE. If you need help look first to your family then your neighbors or fellow parishioners to help. Then your city and then your state. If you can't vote in people to get the job done for you on the local and state level then what the hell do you expect from people who represent hundred of thousands, and not just you!

It's wonder the Feds have time to take care of all of us when everyone expects them to take care of them personally. Most of the income tax we pay goes to "social programs" and not taking care of business and stopping people from terrorizing us on our own turf.

We don't pay state income tax here in Texas, but where is that money going that you pay every year? Folks don't know their neighbors any more. I live in a big city and I know my neighbors. Would they help me if I needed help? Maybe. If not the city has all kinds of programs. People look close home, not Washington, D.C. Vote people into your local government that support your views, whatever they are. Taking care of the people of your community (and yes Mr./Mrs./Ms. whoever you are) they should take care of you too if you become part of the community. There is an election Aug. 6 or so, go vote. Don't sit on your butt and do nothing!

In conclusion, if you take care of business at home, the Feds will take less of your money and do a better job if you don't depend on them to feed and clothe you. Donate to local charities and go talk to your neighbor if they need anything.

Gary Dunn, Houston, Texas

About two weeks ago, I was driving on Highway U between New Madrid and Lilbourn when I met an oncoming New Madrid County dump truck. The truck's load was not covered with a tarp and as I approached a rock came flying out of the truck bed and struck my windshield. The total damage was $254.

I contacted the maintenance shed to tell them what had happened and was referred to the County Commission. I contacted the Commission and was told they would discuss the matter and get back with me.

Well, two weeks passed and finally this week Commissioner Clyde Hawes told me the county would not repair my busted windshield. Mr. Hawes said that the county would repair nicks or chips to windshields but I was told that if they replaced a windshield "they would have to do it for everyone else." Though I know all loads should be covered with a tarp, the Commission seemed surprised that not all loads were indeed covered.

I admit I made a mistake. I trusted the county government and the chain of command. As a former member of the law enforcement community, I assumed this was the right way to handle this matter. Instead I should have approached the Highway Patrol, filled out a report and held the county accountable. But unfortunately I put my faith in elected officials who turned their heads and ignored their responsibilities. How sad.

So let this be a warning to others - don't think that doing the right thing always works because it didn't this time in New Madrid County and you could easily find yourself in the same position. My insurance deductible is too large to cover this broken window and now I have to scramble to find money to repair damage caused by New Madrid County's mistake. If this is an example of good county government, we're all in sad shape.


Terry Penny, Wyatt