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Following the rules is part of democracy

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm not shy about blasting political officials who try to manipulate elections. I remember this summer when a group of Democratic officials employed ex-convicts to canvass homes in Missouri. And I've been somewhat vocal about Jesse Jackson's latest election scam in Ohio.

Well let me give equal time to a Republican election official who apparently participated in a phone jamming scheme to kill a get-out-the-vote effort by the Democratic party.

James Tobin, President Bush's former New England campaign chairman, pleaded innocent this week to the charge. Two other Republicans have already entered guilty pleas to the charge. It appears Tobin may have been the top target in the probe however.

When union officials tried to generate votes in 2002, they were met with hundreds of computer-generated hang-up calls. It appears that the Republicans had devised a way to jam the phone lines and kill the election effort.

It really makes you wonder why intelligent men would stoop to such sophomoric efforts. Reminds me of the Watergate fiasco in a way because that too was a foolish effort that was not only illegal, it was unnecessary.

If Tobin is found guilty he should pay a price. Anyone who tries to curtail the efforts of the opposition in an illegal manner should pay a price. It makes a mockery of our election process and it's just plain dumb.

Despite what the yellow dogs might say, we believe both parties should play by the rules. And regardless of which party decides to violate the rules, we believe someone should pay a healthy price.

Phone-jamming is a stupid idea. Those who concocted the scheme are equally stupid. And soon perhaps, they'll have some time on their hands to ponder their mistakes.

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