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Speakout 5/26

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I totally agree with the speaker in Thursday's edition of Speakout on unfair sentencing. They give one boy - it doesn't matter what color he is or what - they give him two years for selling drugs and someone who committed even worse crime is just probation. That is not fair at all. The justice system needs to look at what they are doing to people. It doesn't matter if you are black or white. Everyone should be treated equally. Not better than anyone else. They need to start treating people equal not look at color.

The new Democratic leader speaker is worse than old Daschle. He looks like he swallowed some hot pepper or a strong pickle. He sure has a smirk on his face. All he is an obstructionist. Those judges that Bush wants to put in are good decent people that don't believe in abortion or same-sex marriage. Why the Democratic party stands up for that is beyond me. They aren't the same party they used to be. That is the reason they are losing office. We will just vote the rest of them out the next time.

I'm calling about Medicaid and the people who gripe. My husband and I have worked all of our lives and now I have cancer. So what am I suppose to do? He can't work. He can't get any insurance on me. He has worked all of his life and when he did the insurance went up so high he couldn't afford it for himself or the people that worked there at the time because the insurance went up. People ought to walk in our shoes for a while. What are you suppose to do when you can't get medical care. They think if you have Medicaid you can get any doctor you want or any dentist. That isn't true.

"Just get a job" was one of the best pieces I have seen in Speakout. I believe he is right. If they had got out and worked when they were young instead of laying around then when the get old they holler "Oh I have to have this or I have to have that." I always wonder what they spend their money they draw on when they get all this free stuff - teeth, glasses, house cleaning and all that stuff - what do they spend that money on if they draw. If they worked when they was young they wouldn't have to be on all that free stuff. There is no one who needs money any worse than the working people who have worked all their lives and draw Medicare and have to buy their medicine and their food and pay their bills while the lazy people get everything free.

I just want to Speakout about these women who are going to nursing homes to pick up men. You've got to be pretty hard up when you have to go to a nursing home to find a man.

Who says we don't have any gentlemen here in the town of Sikeston. I was just coming out of the Dollar Store and there goes another one of my angels. A police officer stood by so kind, so gentle and held the door for me with a big smile and a hello. God bless him. Thank you so much.