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SpeakOut 7/3

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

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A friend of mine who is a custodian at one of the schools here told me they don't have insurance. The teachers do, but they don't. Why? He works as hard as the teachers do. This should be looked into.

We called Sikeston R-6 School Board Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller. "There are certain classifications of employees who currently do not have health insurance, however, this is being reviewed to see if the school system can expand its benefits to a greater number of its employees if it is fiscally sound to do so."

You know whoever wrote that about Wal-Mart and welfare recipients and food stamps, they ought to be ashamed of themselves because Wal-Mart should be there for anybody, not just people who want to be smart-alecks.

- - -

I was reading in today's paper about the unhappy customer at Wal-Mart talking about the Welfare recipients and food stamp users and the check-out lane. If this city that we live in would have more factories around, maybe there wouldn't be a whole lot of welfare people around and people on food stamps and whatever we can get from the government. It is not our fault that this town doesn't have enough factories to put people to work and it is only because the rich people in this town won't let the factories come here, if you know what I mean.

We most certainly don't know what you mean.

To the caller who call about the Bridges Reunion. It is July 6, Saturday, at 10 o'clock. It is potluck and the meat will be furnished and we will all pay for it.

I just heard on the news where the appellate court in San Francisco has ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag is unconstitutional because of the words "under God." The ACLU brought the suit. I think we ought to get the ACLU put them on the ball van and get rid of all them. What do you think about that?

- - -

I think it is time for a lot of these federal judges to go. It just amazes me that just because it offends one or two or a half-dozen people and hundreds and hundreds, it offends them the other way, it goes in favor of the one or two. That is ridiculous because this is suppose to be a majority rule country. It is certainly not that way anymore. The gays, and so forth have things going their way and the ACLU has the government siding with them. I think they are entirely wrong.

Hey unhappy customer I agree with you totally. I can't use my EVT card because of all you people using your checks and your credit cards.

- - -

I was reading Speakout and ran across the unhappy customer in the June 26 paper. Do you really think that the people in Cape don't receive welfare? Here is a shocker for you, people all over the United States receive it. Maybe you should educate yourself a little more about welfare before you run off at the mouth. When you see someone using their EVT card, don't assume that they don't work. Assistance is given to the elderly, foster parents, people who are sick, handicapped and it is even given to families who work every day and need it to make ends meet. You think you can't get through the speedy checkout because of people on welfare, food stamp users? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I bet you were standing behind those people and wanting to pay with a credit card or a check, which is just as time consuming. One day hard times will fall on you and yours and you will be standing in the welfare line with us.

I would like to speak out about this Amtrak situation. That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of. They have not made a dime, much less broke even in all the time that they have operating. All the government has done is just throw money down a black hole. Who is getting it, I don't know. But if the people want it, let them pay for it instead of everybody who never rides it or never gets close to it. It is not right. If the people want it bad enough they will pay and if they don't they will go some other way.

In Wednesday's newspaper in the third section on page 5, there is a bankruptcy and estate advertisement for Friday night at the Ramada Inn. You would do your readers a great service by announcing that people should be very aware that this is not a legitimate auction. This is a group of people that travel around the Midwest. If they don't have enough buyers there they will just abruptly stop the auction, especially if the stuff doesn't bring enough. So everyone beware.