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Speakout 5/25

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Please if anyone knows the number to get on the no-call list in the state of Missouri, would they please leave it in Speakout.

The toll-free number for the national registry on the No Call List is 1

-888-382-1222. The number for the Missouri No-Call List is 1-866-662


On prom night there was a boy who was stationed at Fort Campbell. He came as a date. He was told that they could have their pictures taken and then they had to leave. He was in uniform. The reason he was given was that the school he attended was too far away. This boy told the truth about where he was from, but how many others didn't really tell where they were from? This boy is 20 years old and there were some that were even older than that there. This boy is going to Iraq to put his life on the line for all of us and this is how the school thanks him. I hope you are proud of yourself Sikeston.

I'm calling about the Pepsi product that has the Pledge of Allegiance on it and they took out the words "In God We Trust." This country was made on "In God We Trust." That is all we have known. Our boys are over there fighting for us because they believe in freedom. Our money even says "In God We Trust" on it. So people at Pepsi, please, put "In God We Trust" back on it because without God we are lost.

Keep drinking Pepsi, reader. We checked with the Pepsi Company and the story is an Internet myth.

I'm from Chaffee, Missouri and I would like to Speakout about KFVS-12 and the news story they did on Scott City about people running the stop sign over there. I've lived in this town all my life and there are people racing up and down the streets and running stop signs and everything else. I have never seen anyone do a report on our town, people running stop signs and stuff. There must be an awful bad Wednesday for them to have to go and run a story about people running stop signs at Scott City. This has been going on in our town for as long as I can remember. The cops, if you call them and complain about it, they want to come after you for complaining about it. The people's theory is if they don't see a cop then it isn't against the law to do what ever they want to in this town. The cops it is too much trouble for them to get out and write them a $5 speeding ticket or $10 speeding ticket when they can just let it go and forget about it.

Several months ago someone in Morehouse put a Rainbow Water System in your paper for sale and it said it had a new timer on it. I need that person's phone number if you could put this in Speakout.