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Some issues must be discussed first

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Moving quietly under the local radar screen are two major funding proposals under some form of consideration in Sikeston. The city, we're told, is considering a multi-million dollar bond issue proposal to fund a variety of improvements and construction projects. And the school system too is considering a similar financial bond issue to renovate schools here.

So why haven't you heard about these plans?

We've taken some heat at the newspaper as of late for not reporting these ongoing developments. But let me explain and defend why it appears premature from our standpoint to report on something that is far from final.

The city has kicked around the idea of a bond issue to fund a number of local projects for a long time. The focus now seems to be on a new Pubic Safety facility to replace the current location which has long been outdated. But before city officials take the idea to voters they must first discuss a host of options under consideration. It does no good to discuss in details what plans might be on the table because those options change constantly. When a decision is reached on what option to put on a ballot, you'll read it here first.

Same applies to the school system. Over the past few years school officials here have taken a hard, cold look at a number of aging schools and considered options for improvements. Those discussions have ranged from building a new super elementary complex to spending money on upgrades to all of our school facilities. But here too we find little merit in reporting all of the ideas being thrown about until a decision has been made on what option to present to voters.

Our elected officials spend countless hours in discussion every day on ways to change or improve our community and schools. That after all is what they were elected to do. And the appropriate time to air their recommendations is when a decision has been reached on what options are available.

It's far too premature to cast our opinion on these twin plans but when the time is right you'll know where this newspaper stands. Until then we encourage our elected officials to arrive at a plan that will gain voter approval and move our community forward.

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