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SpeakOut 7/2

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the girl whose dog killed the little boy in Kentucky. Why doesn't everybody keep their comments to themselves about what happened? Things happen for a reason, and when it's time for somebody to go "home," God takes them. So until all the facts are in, why can't everybody just drop it?

I am speaking for young people who work in fast-food restaurants, stores, or who just walk or ride their bikes up and down the streets. We are sick and tired of being harassed by old perverts. We don't want you. We don't want anything you have. We are young adults; we're just beginning our lives. Leave us alone. Understand that from now on, when you talk to us with your filthy perversion, we're going to have a tape recorder on. If the cops won't do anything, we're going to a lawyer.

It's Sunday afternoon, 1 o'clock, I've gone through every local channel: 23 has credit sales for cars; 12 has knives for $39; 6 has a diet machine of some sort for the kitchen; and 3 is selling Bible tapes by Charlton Heston. I'm not knocking Charlton Heston, but Bible tapes? What happened to movies, sports or any kind of programming that someone wants to watch on Sunday afternoon? Or are we not supposed to watch TV on Sunday afternoon?

I read where Noranda and its union reached a settlement for a contract that would be expired in August. I moved out of this area after retiring. I've been involved in unions in Michigan, Detroit and Chicago areas. You could at least mention what union they belong to, when they're going to put something to the union. The good thing is not to jump on a first offer when you're current contract doesn't run out for two more months. When you go buy a car, you don't jump on the first offer. Get the name of the union in there. Just a little advice.

Just like it said in the first paragraph of the story: United Steelworkers of America Local 7686.

I want to comment about an establishment here in town. My husband and I and some friends met at this establishment on Friday night. It was crowded but we had a good time. My husband and three friends had put quite a bit of money in the juke box. Around midnight or 12:30 the manager started running everyone out. Why is it that they advertise their hours to be open until 1:30 a.m. and by 11 or 12 they start running everyone out? Would you call this false advertising? This has happened on numerous occasions to me and several other people who are what you would call "regulars." You would think they would want to keep our business, but if this keeps happening, they will be losing a lot of good customers. Some of them have already started going to the competition and I am not far behind them. Either change your hours or stay open as advertised. I also think we should be reimbursed for the money we put in the juke box.

I'm calling about the letter in Your View from the woman in the Vandalia correctional facility. By her list of charges, it tells me that someone was hurt. Murder is not the only way to assault someone. And what about the other victims of her crime? Her children were also victims. Having seen other correctional systems, Missouri is all about rehabilitation: a law library, counseling, education, religious instruction and so many other things are provided by the state and can be utilized by any offender. Part of rehabilitation is developing the incentive to help yourself. If you truly want to be rehabilitation, lose the inmate mentality and start helping yourself instead of waiting for a hand-out.

Who can I call about insurance plans that cut out their dental plans for adults? I can understand if they cut them out for people on welfare, but how can they cut it out on senior citizens and disabled adults? We who are drawing Medicare are on a fixed budget now. Then they want us to pay our dental costs. Just an x-ray, office visit and filling for one cavity will cost over $250 when I only live on $500 a month from Social Security. How are they going to do it? I'm a 45-year-old man and don't understand how they can cut out the dental expenses for disabled people.