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Speakout 5/13

Friday, May 13, 2005

I would like to comment on the No rescue comment in the paper on Thursday, the fifth of May. I, too, have been to the Rescue Mission and quit giving to them for many years because of the fact that every time I went in there there was bales and bales and bales of clothing back there and stacked to the ceilings waiting on the truck to haul them to other places to make rags or whatever they do with them. There was tons and tons of clothing going out the back door into a truck to be hauled somewhere else. Now, every time you go by the dumpster is clear full. You go in the building and there is hardly anything on the racks. I was in there just the other day because I had some children desperately needing clothing and some furniture. They had two or three little end tables and a couple other things. When I questioned the price of the end tables, they were $35. I just about fainted. I know they have to pay salaries but their clothing has gone outlandish in price. They are still throwing away good, usable items that people in need would desperately love to have.

I would like to Speakout about the little black girl that was handcuffed in Florida. First of all, you people have it all wrong. I didn't see what the white teacher had did wrong. I would have thought the school would have had enough sense to use an exclusionary time out and some positive reinforcement. How could you say that the parents taught her to behave in such a manner? Only a childish adult would have had something like that to say. It is like that old saying: Growing old is certain but growing up is optional. So keep your racist remarks to yourself.

I am calling on the Thursday, May 6, article "No cheers here." Actually, the article in the Constitution that they are talking about was done away with in the year 2000. So they really need to get their information straight. That had nothing to do with this year's tryouts.

I was wondering if it was legal for farm equipment to block both lanes at 25 miles per hour. How far can they do this? I got behind a piece of equipment today. I couldn't see around them. He just couldn't afford to bend his ears, sitting on the $125,000 tractor. He decided to use the whole road and he couldn't get over to let people by and it was for miles and miles and miles. They want you to respect them but they don't respect anyone else on the road. How many miles can they hold you up legally?

First of all, I enjoy the Speakout column. There is something I don't understand. A mother goes to the hospital because she overdoses. They have to pump her stomach. This happens more than once, it is a routine thing where the parent overdoses. I don't understand why the doctor and the hospitals don't report these people to the Family Services. Most of these people are getting a check from the Family Services. Their children are being brought up in a home where their parents are on drugs. The children should be taken away from the parents and their benefits from the Family Services stopped. A father or mother can spank their kids and they can be charged with child abuse. Lets face it. Our government and our state is supporting their illegal drugs, they are supporting the tobacco companies, they are supporting the alcohol and the gambling and bingo, lottery. I'm not saying that everyone who is on welfare is abusing the system but I have been out that in the hospital in ER when they bring in somebody who has overdosed and they have a Medicaid card. The government and the state are paying their bills. I'm a taxpayer and I'm fed up with what is going on in our system. We, the working people, just keep working and paying more taxes and getting less benefits. But these deadbeats that never work a day in their lives are getting all the gravy - the medical, the dental, the big checks every month. They are abusing the welfare system. The children are being abused for the drugs their parents are taking.