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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Your view: More troops needed

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Events over the last several weeks in Iraq show a bad situation getting worse. Getting worse since the end of major combat operations. It is time to face the fact that a substantial troop increase is needed to pacify the country to a degree that allows legitimate elections to be held. Elections are scheduled for January but it is unlikely that they will go forward.

The U.S. has assumed responsibility for making Iraq secure and there are not enough troops there to do the job. I'd rather not hear someone in the Pentagon say that all the field commanders have to do is ask. I think we all know better than that and if our boys haven't gotten a handle on the situation by now, it's because they are even more outnumbered than we first thought. Outnumbered and making the best of a bad situation with their heads up and their mouths closed.

I hate to question the President's commitment to the Iraqi mission, but now is not the time to retreat into "election mode." If the decision to reinforce were to come tomorrow, it would still take a month to get the men into place and that would be another month of increasing chaos. Washington, D.C. should give our boys whatever is necessary to win this war and they should decide to fully commit or pull out. That lesson should already have been learned.

Mike Patterson,