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Political maneuvers don't help our nation

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

"Never should we be as united as we should be now."

Politics by its very nature is a messy, dirty business. Perhaps it should not be that way and perhaps someday it will change. But for now, the two major political parties work overtime to attack their opponents. By doing so, I assume they believe they will somehow gain the upper-hand. I believe these tactics are wrong.

As I wrote a week ago, the Democrats made much of a report out of Washington that seemed to indicate our federal government should have known in advance of the Sept. 11 Trade Tower attack. Missouri's own Richard Gephardt was the lead dog for the Democrats with his calls for Congressional hearings over who knew what and when they knew it.

Since then a curious thing has happened. And these events illustrate the nasty nature of politics.

Vice President Dick Cheney and FBI Director Robert Mueller both sounded the alarm last week that perhaps America was in for yet another terrorist attack. Apparently foreign intelligence indicated that an unnamed landmark had been targeted for attack. Both officials indicated how difficult it was to prepare for such an event but decided to issue the warning as a means of preparedness.

Now it gets curious. Some Democrats then went on the attack and charged the administration with using scare tactics to deflect criticism of the warnings over Sept. 11. Are you following my thinking here?

One group of Democrats criticizes the administration for not warning the American public and another group of Democrats criticizes the administration for scaring the American public by issuing warnings. Well folks, you can't have it both ways. But as you well know, in the world of politics you can try to have it both ways.

The administration should remain prudent and cautious and tell the American public the information we truly need. That is not a scare tactic. It's just good government. What's bad is when members of the opposition party try to make political gains in such a partisan manner. The high ratings of this administration are clearly at the core of this political charade.

Never should we be as united as we should be now. And those who try to sow the seeds of discontent should immediately rethink their positions. Or the voters should rethink their political futures.

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