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Speakout 2/4

Friday, February 4, 2005

The Republicans were talking about when Bill Clinton was in the White House, how it was so corrupted and everything. What do the Republicans think about now? Bush has made his girlfriend secretary of state. My Lord. He's an old alcoholic. He was never good for nothing either. What do we have in the White House now? I'll tell you the truth, people need to start opening their eyes and figure out what we have in there now instead of shutting their eyes to whatever is happening. I don't know what's going to happen to this world but, I'll tell you what, I'm sure glad I didn't vote for him. If I had, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Look at all our people who are getting killed over there in Iraq. It makes me sick. That's Bush's war and everybody who voted for him is just as guilty as he is.

If a young lady who is unmarried has a child but is living with the no-account who won't work who says he draws some kind of disability check, my question is this. Can they get SSI on the child? I pray not so he will have to go to work.

You would have to call the Social Security Administration to see if minor children can draw benefits under the parent's SSI disability benefit. A person's disability is approved or not approved by the Social Security Administration, based on information provided by the person's doctors and medical records. The number to the local Social Security office is 471-9503.

In response to the Jan. 27 picture, "Handicap access provided." People with disabilities do not like the label "handicap," which really originated in England from a beggar with his cap in hand. People with disabilities today prefer the word "disabled" over the word handicap. No offense was intended on this photo cutline. We were just glad to let the community know that the City of Sikeston is doing its best to accommodate everyone, regardless of their physical health or abilities.

This is in response to the early graduation at Kelly High School. Yes, certainly it may be about money but this is how the school operates. It seems to me there are a few selfish people who want their cake and eat it too. You know the rules and, when you graduated in December, you took some much-needed revenue with you that could perhaps help out other students, but you don't really care about the welfare of the school or other students. You seem to only care about yourself. And to the school board, keep up the good work and stay with that decision. It is the right decision.