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SpeakOut 11/2

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

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Who was president when the law was passed to send all our business overseas?

I was so happy to see the success stories in the Oct. 24 paper. It was really a relief.

To S.N. Marshall regarding your letter about the pro-life issue, I was pleased to see at least one person claiming to be pro-life who is willing to call any Republican on that issue. I don't know how many people recall George W. Bush's visit to Scott City in 1998, but he was asked about the abortion issue. At that time, he indicated that he allowed for exceptions such as rape, incest and for the life of the mother. I know many religious 100 percent pro-life Republicans who were in Scott City or heard his comments and many of them voted for him. You'll find that your every day anti-abortion voter usually follows the other political fish upstream even if it means voting for possible Christian candidates allowing for some abortion exceptions. It seems to me that exceptions are choices, but you are never allowed to call a favored Republican pro-choicers. Being one who is mostly pro-life and doesn't attend church anymore, let me ask this question. Is the Almighty only against 100 percent pro-choice or smiles at a 3- or 4-exception Republican? Just food for thought. Another thing, for those who claim to vote pro-life, there was a candidate in 1998 for president who was 100 percent pro-life and very religious. His name was Allen Keyes. As religious and 100 pro-life as the Sikeston area seems to be, he seemed to be the clear choice. It's a shame that only 102 people in two counties voted for him. That's what happens when the lines of religious convictions and political parties abort blur. On a final note, any candidate for president will have to be somewhat pro-choice if he plans to win and I predict the day will come when, yes, even Republicans will run as 100 percent pro-choicers.

You know, I think it is pretty bad when a child is taught at home that when you get hurt, you call upon Jesus Christ to help ease the pain and the school systems stand behind a teacher when he says Jesus Christ is foul language. What I want to know is, when did saying Jesus Christ become considered as foul language? Can anyone in or out of the Christian community answer that for me? My son received 30 minutes of detention for calling on Jesus Christ for help. The high school principal says he doesn't care if we put it in the paper or on the news because no one will listen anyway. What should we do?

If the name Jesus Christ is used in a prayer it is not foul language. If his name is used in anger, some may consider that a violation of the Ten Commandments by "taking the Lord's name in vain."

The restroom at the park where they play baseball and football. I was there Saturday to watch my grandson play. After I had gone to the restroom, I went to the serving line and explained to the girls that they were out of tissue and how filthy the restrooms were. She said the city takes care of them. It is a disgrace for people to come from out of town to our ballgames and have to go into those restrooms. There were no paper towels, no toilet tissue and the floors were full of urine. We had to step over it even to get to the commode, and when we got to it, my granddaughter wouldn't use it because it was so filthy. The city needs to take care of it.

We contacted Parks and Recreation Director Jiggs Moore with your concern and the problem will be addressed. For more information, call Moore at 471-6070.