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Suspect erred first by not obeying police

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Police receive a call about a gang-related shooting in an extremely rough neighborhood in Compton, Calif. The callers identify a white SUV as the vehicle from which the shots were fired. Police sight a white SUV, driven by a crack-smoking suspect. So they attempt to stop the suspect.

But the suspect taunts police by driving around the block time and time again. He ignores the police pursuit, spies and then avoids a device placed by police to flatten his tires, drives into yards to avoid being stopped and then eventually, starts to back toward three law enforcement officials.

Neighbors would later say the suspect had spent hours driving around the block with his music blaring, high on crack. Police did not find a weapon in the car but did find numerous shell casings where the chase began.

When the suspect started backing his vehicle toward the police, they opened fire. When the smoke cleared, 120 rounds had been discharged into the vehicle. The suspect was hit four times but remains in stable condition.

Jesse Jackson and the Compton community are calling the shooting a hate crime. They want the officers dismissed and damages paid to the suspect.

For starters, you truly have to wonder if 120 rounds were needed. But since none of us were there, we don't know the whole story.

But what we do know is that a crack-smoking idiot would not stop for police, may well have been involved in an earlier shooting and was aiming his vehicle at police. So some action was obviously warranted.

Why do Jesse Jackson and his gang believe that all police actions are hate crimes? Why can't they acknowledge that this suspect erred in not heeding the warnings from police? Why can they not accept the fact that the police may have indeed saved lives by removing this suspect from the roadway?

Because to Jesse and company, every incident involving a minority is automatically a hate crime. By stoking the fires of racism, Jesse stays in business. And society needs to recognize this fact.

There will be an investigation and police will be criticized for their robust firepower. On that point, I take no issue.

But someone has to recognize that it is wrong and dangerous and illegal for someone like this idiot to ignore the police. It will bring about a response. Would society have the police back away and ignore his actions? And if so, what will that breed?

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