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Speakout 5/18

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Blodgett mower man is back on the job now. He must have been on strike but they must have been given a raise because he is blowing and going now. I don't know who he is but he is doing a good job. Go boy go.

I think what some of the other people like Michael Jensen who put things in the paper about people who are drawing money but don't need it. Let me tell you something, I know someone right now who is drawing two or three Social Security checks and I don't mean they are all checks either. They go out to eat two and three times a day. Then they have to go get help on their gas bills and food stamps and everything else. That isn't right. I live on very little but I'm not going to get it by lying and cheating to get anything else.

I was wanting to know why over here in Mississippi County three people were caught making meth, had money and everything like that and all these people got was six years probation. One of the person's name is well-known, big-

time farmer. His son and everything like that. The black boy that got 10 years for selling it over there. To me the justice system isn't fair. I'm a white man and I think it is shame that you put a black teenager in prison for 10 years for selling drugs but you let three white men over here in Mississippi County give them probation and they were making meth. He probably was getting from these people to sell. I think that is trouble and I think people in Mississippi County should read this.

If there is anyone locally who picked up some pictures from Wal-Mart and you had the wrong disc. I have the wrong disc also. I'm going to take the disc back to Wal-Mart and if you read this, you can pick your disc back up at the photo center.

Are the hummingbirds here yet?

I would like to make a comment about a sign on saw on Hunter Memorial First Presbyterian Church on Wakefield and Allen. They have a sign out there that says: May is God's apology for February. I take very strong offense to that sign because I am a Christian and since when does God have to apology for anything or to anyone. We should be thankful for February no matter what it may have brung and we should be thankful for May the same as any other month. I don't know what the pastor or even the parishioners were thinking when they put this sign up but I think it should be taken down. The pastor should have been the first to notice that. God died for all of our signs. God gave us life. He does not have to apologize to us or for us or for anything else. I think the sign should be removed and an apology put up there for even having it up in the first place.

And I wonder what God would say about a person with no sense of humor?

It's sad when the biggest retailer that should be patronizing Sikeston's businesses is sending money to Dexter. You buy a lawnmower from this national retailer and if there is a problem with it, it is sent to Dexter when there are two places of business in Sikeston that provide the same services and the money stays in Sikeston and benefits Sikeston instead of Dexter. I call it another waste of our revenue by the monopoly of big business and not the other towns around us, unless of course our town doesn't have what we are needing. But in this case, we have not one, but two choices for services. Sad, don't you think?