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Your view: Where are the Democrats?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I voted for John Kennedy. What a mistake! He failed as a moral leader. Marilyn Monroe made sure of that. I learned a lot of bad things about his father. Where were the Democrats' mouths when Ted Kennedy and the girl who died in the lake off the bridge? I sure would love to talk to her to see what she knew.

Where were the Democrats' mouths taking God out of our schools, abortions, gay marriages, hateful words when there is a Republican in office, Whitewater, Clinton's sex in his office.

America has always been hated by countries. The main reason is because we like the Jews. These are the reasons I vote for Republicans today. They are not afraid to say that they believe in God.

Why did the Democrats not jump on Whitewater like they did Watergate? Watching the Democrats at voting time is a sick thing to watch. The truth came out in Florida.

The Democrats have the gall to blame our president for Iraq when Clinton had the chance to fix it. When a Democrat fails in office where is the uproar? I don't hear anything. I can't believe this W.T. Woods can't accept the vote in Florida. He should be talking about the chaos in Florida, the late voting in St. Louis, helping the President fix Iraq and get us out. What did Marilyn Monroe know about the Kennedys and what was the real cause of her death? Fix our cars for higher mileage. Come up with new fuels so we will not depend on oil.

I know all Democrats don't think the same. Our forefathers would turn over in their graves if they could see how our country is run today. Election years are the most damaging to America. Lies, backbiting, not telling us where they really stand, Hollywood, newspapers, television getting into one-sided elections - Dan Rather jumping on the bandwagon. Television should stay out of politics.

Berle Hopper