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SpeakOut 12/3

Friday, December 3, 2004

Call 471-6636

I was so impressed with your story about the Red Hats Society. Please find out if there is a chapter of the Red Hats Society in Sikeston or Cape Girardeau. If there is a chapter in the area, please put a phone number in SpeakOut.

There is a chapter in Sikeston. Visit www.redhatsociety.com for information about the organization.

Last year there were some people in Sikeston who used old greeting cards for Christmas projects. Are they doing that again this year?

Yes, they are. You can take greeting cards to the Sikeston Kindergarten Center. For more information about the project, call the school at 471-0653.

I don't care what you say. Ken Jennings purposely blew that game on Jeopardy. I even knew the answer to "Final Jeopardy" and I only have a 12th-grade education. Either he wanted to go home or he was paid off by NBC.

I read in the Nov. 22 Standard a recipe for sweet potato pie. I have made a lot of sweet potato pies but have never in my life seen one that you didn't have any spices in. If you didn't use pumpkin pie spice, you would at least use cinnamon and other spices and do your own thing. I have just never seen one without spices.

The recipe on the Nov. 22 Mini Page came to us from Universal Press Syndicate. Our guess is that the brown sugar and corn syrup would be used in place of other spices. You can always add a little cinnamon or other spices if you want to add a little more pizzazz to the recipe.