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Speakout 5/10

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm calling about the no parking signs we have in East Prairie on private property. People still park here but the cops just drive right by and wave at them. Why haven't you put anything in Speakout or send a reporter over here to ask the new police chief or the newly elected police chief why he isn't telling his officers that if someone has a no parking sign on their own property they shouldn't let them park there. I think this is something we need to know. The newly elected police chief should tell his officers to enforce the law, not to wave at them.

Mr. Jensen, your May 1 editorial is right on. This is one time I totally agree with you. Illegals are not only at the borders, they are right here in Southeast Missouri. One of our most popular companies hires them everyday. I myself hired in at this company, Proctor and Gamble, with illegals. Fortunately they had an interpreter speaking Spanish to them telling them the rules and safety violations. There were even some extra illegals at the safety orientation they had to run off because they were just with friends. When I went out to the work area, I was devastated to see all the Spanish speaking workers, at least 50 percent. I know that if Proctor and Gamble would put their jobs in the paper several hundred people in the Bootheel and the surrounding area could fill their needs.

I would like to ask a stupid question but if someone could answer it, it might shed some light on the reason on why our government works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. The U.S. government which put a man on the moon in 1969 can't put a stamp machine in the post office that operates longer than 15 minutes. On the other side of the coin, the state of Missouri can operate lottery machines that operate perfectly 24-7, 52 weeks a year. Can anyone explain the reasons for this to me?

I want to put something in Speakout about somebody throwing three little black puppies, probably about six weeks old, out on County Road 538 near Miner. There is a better place to take those dogs than throwing them out of a moving car while you are going along. I ended up taking them home with me. That was cruel to the animals. They should have at least took them to the Humane Society or put them in the paper for free. Throwing them out the window is not the right idea.

I would like to comment about your article in today's paper about the early release law. Missouri is broke. At the same time, Gov. Blunt is closing Central Missouri Correctional Center, which means these inmates will be placed in other institutions, which are already overcrowded along with others being convicted daily and sent to these same institutions. This governor is cutting inmate subsidies and programs while at the same time making these prisoner's sentences longer which is costing more money for Missouri. As your article said you cannot keep throwing more people into an already overcrowded system and holding them longer without funding. I ask you, what kind of lawmakers do we have in Jefferson City trying to run the state of Missouri.