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Speakout 4/25

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I was born in Sikeston in 1936 and I have lots of memories, mostly good ones! I do not remember being prejudiced and full of hatred, as so many are feeling the need to express. Hatred spreads like a cancer and I have no room for that in my life. Remembering the good old days is a wonderful experience for me. I also remember a man from Matthews who became a TV star in the early years. His name was Conlin Carter. Does anyone remember seeing him on TV? I don't know what happened to him; does anyone out there know? I enjoy reading the positive news from Sikeston.

People in New Madrid need to go to the City Council meetings and find out why the city parks are being dismantled.

Read "Rising insurance costs bring park changes," which was published April 20 on page 1.

Does anyone have a quilting frame to sell or does anyone know where I can purchase one. I need a portable frame. If someone knows where I can get one or knows how to build one, please leave a number in SpeakOut or call me at 472-0629.

Annual joke day

I like to read Michael Jensen's editorial columns, but I recently read one that made smoke come out of my ears and the top of my head. I got all the way to the bottom before I realized it was an April Fool's column. That didn't sound like him and it really set me off.

I heard rumors that John Kerry is going to ask Hillary Clinton to run with him on the Democratic ticket. I also heard that someone suggested Al Gore run and he said he wouldn't run because he had already run with one man who couldn't keep his pants zipped and he didn't want to try that again. I don't know if it's true or not, but that's what I have heard.

I have watched the History Channel which aired a story about the 101st Airborne. I talked to my brother who fought in Vietnam. No, we didn't want this war but they didn't want that one, either. Sometimes war is necessary. Like all other wars, I'm sure our veterans will be betrayed by other people. I don't know what's going on, I don't understand and I don't pretend to. The only think we can do is pray for them.

Just reminiscing, nobody has lived until they have crisscrossed the nation several times on a troop train going from camp to camp, then boarding a troop ship and crossing the wild North Atlantic Ocean during the stormy months with enemy subs lurking below - and then the war. It had to be the ultimate adventure for a 21-year-old boy, but I would not have taken anything and missed it. Sign me An Old Veteran.

The people in Atlanta are not as chicken-hearted as the people in Cape Girardeau. Their baseball team is still known as the "Braves." They still wear their same shirts. What is Southeast Missouri going to do with the huge Indian that was donated by Paul Akins and cost thousands of dollars? Are they going to chop it up for firewood or sell it for the money?

I live in Miner. When are the city officials planning to cut the grass out on Malone Avenue? It's almost knee high now.