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Speakout 5/19

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In the May 11 article, "Freedom carries a price tag," either the comment didn't make sense or it was transcribed incorrectly. It should have said the destructive comments made against our president such as Ron Greenlee made "in" the Standard Democrat. You had "made and a Democrat." That didn't make any sense. I find the statements he made in the Standard Democrat are most offensive and damaging and cause many hard feelings, particularly among those who are fighting for our freedom. Doesn't he know that freedom isn't free? We apologize for misunderstanding the tape.

There's a real nut case who lives on Bonus Hill. I feel sorry for the police department because every time he turns around, he's calling the law on somebody.

I think Sikeston should start tearing down the condemned houses and getting rid of the eyesores. There is a house in the 200 block of Ruth Street that's a disaster and a messy eyesore.

We agree about condemned houses being torn down, however the City of Sikeston is currently demolishing condemned/abandoned houses. The Standard Democrat has published several articles concerning this ongoing project.

I am commenting on the May 10 SpeakOut where someone was talking about who has to get food stamps. I am a hard worker and have always been fortunate enough to have never had to ask for them. But I do feel that we all need some compassion for those who do and some kindness for their fellow man. If they can't remember their pin number, it could be because of a health problem or other reason. That doesn't make them fools and I don't think they should have to stand in a special line like they were in Hitler's concentration camp and thank everybody around them for paying for it. That person needs to get some kindness in his or her life. I am very sorry to know that there are people like this.

Why won't the police department put the names of the people they are looking for in the paper and then let the public call and turn them in. I am talking about the latest drug bust. It was absolutely fantastic!

Why would the Miner Board of Aldermen worry about a convention center when you're questioning and won't even think for a second of a temporary location of a mobile home for an Air Evac Lifeteam, something that would be important and bringing in good quality information to your area?

I think it would be a great deal for Air Evac to locate in Miner for the Miner and Sikeston community. Their hold-up is because of a zoning ordinance for a trailer. If that's so, how come they let a nursery open up that has a trailer on it. It's not what you know but who you know, I guess. But this is something that could save lives in our area and I think they need to reconsider.