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Your view: Let's celebrate

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I disagree about this event. This is a celebration of the United States completing an election. While the cost of security was covered by tax money, most of all the balls and celebrations were paid for by private donations. The Washington Post reported that Clinton's second inaugural was actually more expensive than this one. If you factor in inflation, Clinton's was more expensive, $42 million verses $49 million.

It does our troops a dishonor to deserve less than the best to celebrate the democratic election of their leader. This does not compare to Holden's commemoration. It was paid for mostly by Missouri citizens. This is a national thing. The other side of the aisle will obstruct and lose even more elections. If this is their pattern, so be it.

Oops! I said "amen." One of the side benefits of "W" winning the election, I get four more years of the people so set in their ways they can't accept change, wailing. Things are changing.

Gary Dunn

Houston, Texas