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Speakout 1/16

Sunday, January 16, 2005

This is to a company in New Madrid. I have worked out there for 23 years and have never seen anything like this before. You managed to cut us out of the profit sharing this year. We know the company employees get well over $1,000 apiece and that's just not right. We are the ones who work in over 100 degrees in the summer and it's just as cold in the winter as it is hot in the summer. The office people aren't out there working and sweating like we do. I can't retire because the company's retirement plan is terrible. You took that away too. I am here to tell you there will be a change out there now. We used to do extra work that wasn't in our job description, but not any more. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I know people will write in and say I shouldn't complain and to just be glad I have a job. We should all be treated the same.

I am replying to the person who was looking for clock repair. The only place I have found is Harold's Jewelry Store, 123 Court St. on the square in Jackson. The phone number is (573) 243-5120.

For clock repairs, you can call Mike Mills at 471-4150 (electric and quartz movement clocks only) or Bill Wills at 471-5177 (any kind of clock).

To the person who is a Democrat hater and says it's over, yes, the election is over and the next four years will tell. However, the prior SpeakOut was not about the election. It was about a few Republican extremists judging and condemning Democrats. Everyone has a right to their opinion and to be able to vote the way they choose without being put on trial and condemned. If you are without sin, you then have the right to cast the first stone. But then if you were a Christian, you would not have such contempt in your heart for a person you do not even know. You would not label people by your own interpretations and political opinions. Not all Republicans or Democrats have such contempt for each other's opinion. After all, is anyone sure that they are 100 percent right?

A group of us went to the Elks Lodge Sunday evening when they were playing bingo. There was a small group that came in and politely asked people who were sitting by us if some seats were taken. In answer, the people started cussing them and used every foul, horrible language, threatening to kill them - it was unreal. It's sad that people can't go out in public and have a good time and try to be nice to people. Those people took a cussing more than any other people that I saw with them. Maybe the people who are in charge of some of these bingo games need to stress the point that foul language and violence will not be tolerated. About 30 of us were talking about this incident after it happened and we won't be going back. To the people who took the cussing and foul language from those people, our hat's off to you guys because I don't know of many other people who would have taken it.

To the person who wants to contact Leon Edwards, call me at 471-9128.