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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 3/20

Thursday, March 20, 2008

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I was reading in SpeakOut about what they called the Injustice system. Whoever called that in, I totally agree with you about Morley Swingle and the good drug-using doctor. I fully agree with you. Amen to that. And another thing, the drug officer that shot and killed the 23-year-old, little Zach Snider, I knew this young man at one time. It was so sad to hear. Instead of this being homicide, it should be murder in the first degree. That man should spend time in prison just like anybody else. It was totally wrong, it was a crime, not any different than anybody else should have to pay for. There are many others sitting in prison today for life for the same thing. He should have to pay for it too. That young man did nothing to deserve death. And also want to say the public is totally unaware about police and taser guns. They have gone crazy with tasers and the public needs to be more aware of taser guns. I know this personally. I used to defend my police officers and have great respect. Because of personal experience, I really pray for them and pray that the public becomes more aware.

I would like to know if the person that commented about the outside of the humane society ever thought that maybe it looks the way that it does because the animals are getting taking care of so that there is no time for anything else. Did they ever take time to think that if they went inside the shelter very often, that they would see the same people there everyday, which would indicate that there are not many people that work there. Did they ever stop to think that maybe those animals would be better off if instead of complaining about the way the place looks, they would go and help out. Maybe the employees should be pointing fingers and the people that let their dogs and cats run loose around town and get brought in to be taken care of in hopes that the owner shows up, but they do not point fingers, they take care of those dogs and those cats. Maybe if the humane society got more donations and more volunteers that more could get done. Was it ever thought that the reason the people that work there do it for the love of the animals and not for tidiness. The shelter does not ask for much, as you may be able to tell, I do know quite a bit about the shelter. I love the way the girls out there treat those animals, they actually grow bonds with the animals, you can see it in their faces when they are showing the animals. I say that if anyone has a problem with the way that place looks, smells or is run, then they need to get off their rear end and volunteer.

I wonder how many people have had a call from patrolmen wanting money for something, I think, for a sign on the highway. I called the patrol office and they didn't know anything about it. The 800 number of the patrol said to just hang up. I know three people that have gotten this call. We are old and they shouldn't be calling people. I'm 88 years old. I hope you put this in the paper so that other people who get the call won't think they have to send them money.

I think cell phones should be allowed in school at all times if the children are not using them while in school. There should be a have-to case that they have cell phones. What if some idiot goes to shooting kids and they need their cell phones?