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Speakout 1/10

Monday, January 10, 2005

I don't know who to get in touch with. It does no good to call the cab company, but maybe the police can do something if they get enough complaints. There is a red-headed cab driver who is going cause someone to get hurt very badly. As I was coming out of Fas Gas this morning, he got on the bumper of my car, trying to push me out into traffic. Either the cab company needs to do something or they can pay for a traffic accident because the next time he gets on my back, I'm not going to keep easing up to where the front cab of my car will get taken off. He's going to take the back end of my car off and, when he does, I'm going to sue the cab company. So you better do something with him.

SpeakOut is not the place to call. Call the cab company to register a complaint as well as the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-6200 or 471-4711 (all information to DPS will remain confidential).

I am looking for someone who does clock repair. I have two wind-up clocks that may or not be antiques. If anyone in the area does this kind of work, please leave a telephone number in SpeakOut.

This is a response to "Practice the Golden Rule." You say she has forgiven her family. But has this person asked her family for forgiveness? She very well could have caused the family troubles. And, more importantly, has she asked her higher power for forgiveness. I seriously doubt this person is innocent in all the family's troubles. There are two sides to every story. You speak of destroying her but sometimes people's actions and words destroy themselves. The best thing you and anyone can do when families have problems is to stay out of it. I would think such a piece in SpeakOut would only cause this person and family more trouble.

It seems like a waste of time. The United States is sending all the aid to the country to help the tsunami and earthquake victims of the Indian Ocean. This is only the Bible repeating itself. The people in the United States don't seem to realize anything. We could use that money and food and stuff over here. They need to wake up and realize what God is doing. They can't help those people. They will eat up the food in one week but what will they do when it's over and the food is gone? Start all over again? History is repeating itself and we need to realize that.

This is in response to the article about a Democrat not being a Christian. I want you to know that I am a Democrat, but a Christian first. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and don't always agree with may party, or the other one, either. I sometimes vote a split ticket. You are not my judge. You have no right to say that about Democrats.