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Speakout 1/4

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

In response to the SpeakOut comment "Comparison of justice," how can they compare the O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson cases when they are two separate cases? This caller said Scott Peterson got the death penalty and O.J. did not, it looks like they are the discriminator.

As I sat and listened to a minister on TV today, the things he was saying are so much like what is being taught in churches today, and it's so sad. I hate to tell this to people but they are wrong. It was not the Pharisees, the Sadducees or the Sanhedrin. It was not Judas, the 612 Roman soldiers who beat Jesus to where his mother could not recognize him and killed him. Lucifer and all the demons in hell could not do that. What killed Jesus Christ was his love for mankind. Love killed him on the cross because at any moment, he could have come down from the cross, but then we would have all perished. God could have sent fire balls from heaven and destroyed mankind. Jesus could have gone back to his father's kingdom. Pastors, you need to start reading your Bible and start studying, start understanding and start teaching God's word. The stuff some ministers are teaching these days are as far-fetched as believing that a June bug could get you into heaven. There's not a good work that the Pentecost do. You could crawl on your belly up the aisle and kiss St. Peter's toes, it won't get you into heaven. You can sit in a Baptist church and believe once saved, always saved until hell freezes over and donkeys fly. It's not going to get you into heaven. You need to realize that there is only one way to get into heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Wake up, America! You're playing with your life here and if you don't think we won't be judged, you're totally wrong.