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SpeakOut 7/28

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Call 471-6636

This is to all the people who are running for different offices in this county. We're tired of lying, so if you're running in office, we're the voters. We're the ones who will vote you in, so I would suggest that you do some hard lines and tell us what you're really for and quit dancing around. We're sick and tired of hearing it. If you're a Republican administrator, tell us what you're going to do for the sick, handicapped and mentally ill. We're not going to vote you in if you're not going to be there to check to see where their money has gone, if they're getting proper care and not just sticking them somewhere to make officials happy. If you're running for sheriff, you need to tell us what you stand for because we're not going to vote somebody in that's going to pat the back of all of the, shall we say, "rich and famous" in this county. We know of people in this county who have been getting picked up on charges and then get swept under the carpet. We're no longer going to stand for that. If you are a county commissioner, show us something. We're sick and tired of the "good old boy" image (cover-up) and that also goes for you Sikeston officials. If you want to make this place look like Mayberry, you need to start at the bottom and work your way up.

This is an open letter to John Kerry in reference to a letter I received a few days ago, asking for support and money to defeat George W. Bush in the election. Dear John Kerry: You have billions of dollars in your bank account, not to mention your wife's Heinz ketchup company. Finance your own campaign. You are a socialist as far as taxes, jobs and healthcare are concerned. We're not. You are a pro-choice candidate, having voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion. Our family votes pro-life. You are for gay rights, having voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. We vote pro-family. Kerry, you'd make a good president of France or maybe prime minister of Canada. I have sent you a Canadian 25-cent coin. God bless you, but not as president of the United States.

I saw where the Carnahan bunch got millions of dollars from the plane crash, blaming faulty equipment. There's no way anyone could have flown safely on that night. I was out on a farm tractor and I could hardly hold it on the road. Anyone being in an airplane that night were dare devils. He was going to New Madrid to speak to a bunch of freeloaders. It's a bad deal, but it wasn't the equipment's fault. It was the pilot's fault for flying in that kind of weather. It was very stormy weather.

Have you had any response to "tutor needed" for a student to teach me how to use this computer? My number is 472-2886. I am willing to pay them for their time and would appreciate it. I can also provide transportation for the student if needed.

I saw the picture of this year's Miss and Junior Miss Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo winners in the Standard Democrat, but you didn't say who the other winners were in the contest.

The rest of the information was not immediately made available to us when the photo was printed. Winners in the Miss and Junior Miss Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo contests were: Miss Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Jillian Lee, daughter of Robert and Alice Lee of Dittmer; first alternate, Katie Palmer, daughter of David Palmer and Desiree Palmer of Olive Branch, Ill.; second runner-up, Meridee Haworth, daughter of Jim and Lois Haworth of LaRussell; and third runner-up was Leah McDonald, daughter of Mike McDonald and Joyce Kiekeiner of Sikeston. Junior Miss Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo is Catherine Presson of Charleston, daughter of Roy and Melinda Presson; first runner-up was Mallory Jones, daughter of Dewey and Joella Jones of New Madrid; second runner-up, Christa Barton, daughter of Rebecca Allen of Jackson; and third runner-up, Andrea Duncan, daughter of Barry and Angie Duncan of Sikeston.